5 Creative Insights To Make Car Decals For Fun And Promotions

5 Creative Insights To Make Car Decals For Fun And Promotions

If you want to impact the local territory, one of the best ways is to install some custom-made decals on your car. Along with being car styling elements, custom-made decals will also help uniquely flaunt your style and personality.

Nowadays, car decals are also used as an ideal medium for business promotions and sales campaigns. It is much easy to fix and remove car decals on your own. For printing and custom cutting the decals, you can get the assistance of many professional decal vendors online and offline.

Vehicle wraps are also a very cost-effective way for small businesses, marketers, realtors, professional services, sales reps, etc., to make their vehicles a strong medium for business development. As a simple yet powerful vehicle marketing strategy, car decals can be done at a very low investment. These can be car window decals to complete vehicle wrapping. With digital printing and laser cutting possibilities, you can make car decals in any possible sizes and shapes now.

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Creative ideas for car decals

1. Set your goal

While planning for a decal, first have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through your car decals. Some major considerations while installing car decals are:

  • To make your customers call you up.
  • Drive them to your website
  • Brand logo or brand philosophy promotion etc.

2. Use call to action

An ideal way to track the ROI of your vehicle marketing through car decals is to include a call to action in it. With this, you will see how many new customers are coming through your campaign and thereby what return on investment you have through it. Even some simple methods like use this promo code (displayed on car decals) to get 5% off is enough.

3. Add QR codes

Car decals are moving targets, but most customers encounter your car decals when parked somewhere like the yard near a busy street. So, including a QR code in the car decal can be a great way to encourage your visitors to engage with your design. Offering a special bonus or benefits for those who scan the code and go to your landing pages can be an effective way to engage them instantly.

4. Sparingly use photos

Photos can be very powerful in the right context, but you cannot always use them on the limited-space car decals. Remember that effective vehicle campaigns are mostly about branding. So, instead of an image, you may better use your brand colors and logos as an effective way to ensure brand recognition.

5. Be concise

While designing the decal content, you should keep yourself concise by cutting out any clutter. Do not demand your audience to work hard to understand your image. Car decals are not like the print medium but are just meant to share one simple message at a time. As your vehicle is always on the move, ensure that the viewers can digest your message in full at the very first glance in a second or two. So, stay to the point and avoid any bullet lists or small text. Maintain high contrast colors and a crisp copy.

If you are not sure where to start your decal marketing strategy, you may go through various images online to get innovative insights.

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