Cycling Gifts For Father's Day

Cycling Gifts For Father's Day

If you're someone looking for a Father's Day present for a dad who loves spending his leisure time on two wheels, check out the list below. Although mountain and road bikes are pricey in and of themselves, there are plenty of affordable accessories, parts, and helpful presents available for your father, whether he's new to cycling or has a garage full of enduro and gravel bikes.

Breathable Biking Helmet:

Hopefully, your dad already has a helmet if he's on his bike for lengthy periods of time. But what he may not realize is how high-tech helmet safety has become, so show him the Manifest Spherical Helmet from Giro to keep his noggin safe. It's breathable (ideal for summer riding) and padded and adjustable.

Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) allows the helmet to move when the head strikes the ground, absorbing the impact. It's an excellent choice for seasoned bikers doing climbs and jumps as well as new riders who are still falling frequently.

Compact First Aid Kit:

Biking may result in minor or significant injuries, although they are typically minor. Blisters and grazed knees are among the most frequent kinds of injuries. Even a scrape might prevent Dad from cycling if it becomes infected or untreated; therefore, having a basic first-aid kit on hand at all times is a good idea.

The VSSL First Aid Kit for 2018 is more comprehensive than ever. The new regular and mini sizes are now available (June 4). It contains everything from bandages to tweezers to medical gloves and burns cream, and it fits into a smart tube design that's small enough to keep in the vehicle or pack in a tiny bike bag. It's also weatherproofed, so he can use it in a downpour or get caught in the rain.

Adaptable Biking Jacket:

It might be tough to find the appropriate jacket for cycling while road biking since winds and breezes can cool sweat-soaked clothing and quickly make him feel chilly. If it's not quite chilly enough for layers of clothes but too cold for just a T-shirt, the Patagonia Dirt Roamer jacket is ideal. It's light and built for cycling, with a big back pocket that he can access while pedaling. And, it has plenty of shoulder width, so it won't hassle him when he leans forward. Not only that, but everything from this line is fair-trade certified, making it even more ethical.

Wagon or Bike Trailer:

Fathers of little kids should consider carrying their kids in a bike trailer for a safe and enjoyable time with their kids. You can do use a bike wagon for your pet dog. Burley's Tail Wagon travel trailer has a flip-down tailgate for simple loading and unloading and a front flap that folds up to provide your dog with that wind in his ears feeling.

Burley’s Tail Wagon

The built-in cargo pockets allow you to store a leash and other pet necessities, and the suspended floor can be removed for quick cleaning. The tow bar is a metal arm that attaches to your bike and can be swapped easily between bikes.

Wheel Storage Hook

Is there anything more aggravating than hanging your super-expensive carbon wheels dangerously from a bike hook? Foothill understands how difficult it can be, which is why it created the Offset Bicycle Wheel Storage Hook, which puts the wheels one in front of the other and avoids any contact between them, significantly reducing the risk of them coming off. They're made of a gentle felt fabric to protect the cradles from scratching. Dad doesn't have to worry about putting his race wheels on the hooks all winter since they're covered in a soft felt material.

Saddle Bag

With genuine Brooks leather straps and waterproof bluesign environmentally safe materials throughout, the Isle of Wight saddle bag continues the trend of throwback cool with its line of leather goods. The size medium bag has enough storage capacity for a tube, tool, tire levers, and CO2 cartridges; the size Large even has room for a bit of pump. The double zip design makes it simple to get to without removing the bag. It looks great on both dad's daily bike and his classic refurbished bike.

Torq Bar

Dads are traditionally supposed to be passionate about filling their toolboxes. Topeak's tiny torque wrenches put a cycling dad's spin on it. The Topeak Nano TorqBar has 4Nm, 5Nm, and 6Nm torque bits for applying specific torque restrictions on bolts to avoid costly carbon components from being damaged.

The multitool comes with 15 functions between the three torque settings and 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm hex bits and T20 and T25 torq bits. It's compact enough to fit in a jersey pocket but tough enough to use at home in the workshop.

Mountain bike shorts

Get the baggy mountain bike appearance without sacrificing comfort. The Hookipa shorts are cut more narrowly than ordinary baggies to avoid billowing while pops are blasting downhills. The Yuba 35 Full Cut is a versatile freeride short designed for big, burly guys. A reinforced, stretch crotch gives unrestricted movement on climbs and a snag-free zone when dad slides back behind the saddle. The liner short is also one of the most comfortable we've encountered on a mountain bike short. Blue tones are muted against a sprinkle of zest for a character in these challenging and form-fitting baggies.

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