Damage To The Skin Due To Shaving Is Great! No Shaving And No Aftercare

Damage To The Skin Due To Shaving Is Great! No Shaving And No Aftercare

I think most men shave every day. I use a knife directly on my skin every day, so no matter how much gel you care for, think that the burden on your skin when you shave is greater than you might imagine.

Also, do you take proper care after finishing shaving? To neglect the care means to leave the skin damaged by the knife as it is and expose the wound to UV rays.

If you fall and scrape your knees, at least disinfect it, right? Not shaving and doing aftercare is the same as leaving the abraded knee undisinfected and then abrading the same area of ​​the knee again the next day before the wound heals.

Men's cosmetics contain moisturizing ingredients to create razor-resistant skin and ingredients to protect razor-defeated skin.

Doing proper skin care every day will help to keep your skin energized, so let's do “skin care that suits your skin”.

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What is really needed for men's skin…

Even though the awareness of men's skin care is changing, for many men skin care is still something that women do. Also, men who are beginners in skin care may not know what care product to choose.

First of all, it is easy to continue by choosing a skin care product that is simple and provides the basic care needed for the skin. As the simple and lean packaging symbolizes, Bark Homme is a super basic skin care brand that can focus on the essential ingredients of the skin.

We are particular about MADE IN JAPAN, and we adjust ingredients selected from over 50 kinds in domestic factories in units of 1% to realize the ideal combination for men's skin. Basic skin care is completed in two super-easy steps: face washing and lotion. You don't have to squeeze a lot of items, so it's perfect for people who don't have a lot of skin care habits or busy people.

Problems to be solved with men's skin care 1: dullness

Although there are few men like women who care about UV rays, they become damaged and dull. What makes a man's skin dull is the stratum corneum, ultraviolet rays, and dryness. To solve this, you need to do three things: face wash, peeling, and skin care. A cleansing foam with scrub that removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin. Give lotion and milk to your skin to make it moisturized.

Problems to be solved with Men's Skin Care 2: Wrinkles and Sagging

There are many men who have wrinkles and medals and wrinkles even if they have wrinkles, but I want to get rid of the wrinkles caused by the slack. Unlike women, men have a lot of sebum and are less likely to wrinkle, but smoking, dryness, and lack of skin care tend to cause wrinkles.

The causes of wrinkles are sagging and dryness. A beauty essence type skin care that gives moisture to the skin is necessary. Let's say that lotion is not enough and let's take care with a lotion and beauty essence. It is also important to train your facial muscles, so be sure to chew your food and use the muscles of your cheeks.

Problems to be solved with Men's Skin Care 3: Blemish

Male spots are called "senile pigment spots" and are caused by UV radiation. As with women, sunscreens and foundations are rarely used daily, so accumulated damage causes melanin cells to proliferate and the stratum corneum to become hard and thick, resulting in the appearance of spots.

It is important to remove dirt and oil from the skin with a proper face wash to normalize skin turnover. The moisturizing power is weak only with lotion and shaving lotion, so don't forget to moisturize with lotion and emulsion.

Acne scars may change to stains, so it is preferable to use those that contain ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and whitening effects, such as vitamin C derivatives. Using a sunscreen will also help prevent spots, so choose a refreshing gel type as well.

For men's cosmetics, there is an all-in-one that combines lotion and emulsion into one body, so we recommend the convenient all-in-one for those who do not have time in the morning.

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