Darn Good Yarn Reviews_Ethical Yarn

Darn Good Yarn Reviews_Ethical Yarn

About Darn Good Yarn 

Darn Good Yarn is considered as the easiest way to knit or crochet with amazing yarn that you can’t get in big stores. In their site, they provide you yarn & crafts, clothing, accessories, and home goods. Interestingly, people normally never skip their attractive tutorials that support you a lot in making perfect products.

This brand is formed based on 6 following values:

  •  Integrity First
  •  Teamwork Always
  •  Attract Positivity
  •  Implement Creative Innovation
  •  Thoughtful Sourcing
  •  Be Human & Kind

Their goals:

#1. Support sustainable and fair jobs around the globe through ethical sourcing, and working with producers and organizations that have similar goals.

#2. Source products that promote job creation for individuals who are marginalized and under-served so that they can provide food, education, and healthcare for their families. They also comply with warehousing and distribution models that provide safe employment to disadvantaged populations, including adults with developmental disabilities.

#3. Work with their suppliers, producers, and organizations to find all opportunities to serve the workers and artisans involved in their company, and to continually improve their safe and humane working environments.

#4. Focus on sourcing products and developing supply chains that benefit disadvantaged populations, including people groups that face issues of gender, caste, racial discrimination. They also seek to employ disabled individuals and veterans.

#5. Focus on sourcing products that have a reclaimed or recycled element integrated into their regular production process, whenever this is commercially feasible.

Darn Good Yarn reviews from customers

“Always love a good mystery item! I have never been disappointed with any mystery item. With every item being high quality and unique I add mystery item every time I order. I have received yarn, saris, scarves and a shirt.” – Melissa H.

“Soft and cute! This yarn feels great! I love the silkiness. The colors are adorable. I love the way this works up as well. Easy to work with and turns out really pretty.” – Megan a.

Beautiful and Delicate! I bought this yarn in the French Lavender and the color is just amazing! I can’t wait to whip up something beautiful with it.” – Michelle G.

“Yarn of the month! Love the kit. I am enjoying knitting again. Very happy with the soft yarn.” – Brenda V.

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