Intriguing Features Of Dell XPS 8900 And Dell 9020

Intriguing Features Of Dell XPS 8900 And Dell 9020

Modern days have everything controlled by technology. Technology has its demands as well. In the field of computers, modern programs come with amazing features and this demands that computers be of a high standard to meet the demands.

With a low-speed computer in modern days, you will be limited to only a few programs. Companies that manufacture computers understand this phenomenon as well and that’s why they have been forced to come up with powerful computers.      

Among the companies that have been on the lead to manufacture powerful and strong computers, dell has been amazing.

The company has manufactured computers with impeccable performance in days that speed has a high demand. Ability to multitask without slowing down as well as processor speed, are among the features that dell has been concerned with, in all its computers.

Dell 9020 is just one of the super-powerful machines that Dell Company has to offer. The computer has what it takes to run any program in modern days.

Major Features that Dell 9020 Comes with

Computers with low internal memory will hang, crash, or freeze when you try to run a program that demands more memory than what is available. With dell 9020, programs will run smoothly without you worrying about things like slow down or hanging.

8GB of internal memory is enough to run modern programs and help your computer multitask maintaining high speed. The good thing is that the 8 GB memory can still be upgraded to 64 GB if need be.

Processor speed is a great determinant of how powerful your computer is. Large memory with low processor speed may not have much impact. Dell 9020 balances these two issues by the fact that it comes with a co i7 processor.

The presence of 8mb cache memory boosts the performance of the processor further. With this your computer’s processor experiences minimal or zero wait-states. All these translate to nothing but a high speed of execution.

The hard disk capacity for dell 9020 has been a major discouragement. This is because the computer comes with only 500 Gb. Many computer users, mostly the movie lovers as well as gamers will consider this as extremely low. Fortunately, the computer has sufficient space to install an extra hard disk.

This solves the issue of a small hard disk effectively. On the other hand, the computer has a weak power supply that may not support extra devices in case of upgrades.

This being the case, it is, therefore, advisable to consider upgrading your power supply to help your computer support the extra hard disk or any other device that you may add in the future.

XPS 8900 desktop is another amazing computer that Dell manufactures with impeccable performance as well. This gives you a range from which you can choose from.

This is a perfect choice for video editors and movie lovers due to its high-standard graphics card. The computer can support programs or videos requiring a high graphics card.

If you are a gamer looking for a perfect computer to run your errands, then the XPS 8900 will surely not disappoint. The computer has high speed and large memory to handle any type of video and game.

The fact that the computer comes with an internal memory of 32 GB, is enough to convince you that this is a perfect choice for your business. Worried about overheating? Well, the computer has sufficient room to upgrade your cooling system in case a need to do so arises.

Looking to add more features to your computer? Well, the XPS 8900 desktop has that catered for. The computer comes with high upgradability features to help you achieve the features that you wish. Is it a memory, hard disk, or even a graphics card you wish to upgrade? Well, there is ample space for all these.


In conclusion, a computer is not just a computer. A good computer should be able to run the programs that you need. If your computer is not in a position to run the programs that you have, then it is clear that you don’t have value for your money.

As mentioned above, the XPS 8900 and the Dell 9020 come with high-standard features that can support all your programs.

Speed of execution is something that all computer users can not dare overlook. The two computers have an amazing speed to meet the high demand for modern-day programs.

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