Rose Cut Diamonds What Are They?

Rose Cut Diamonds What Are They?

What are rose cut diamonds? You must be wondering a diamond with a rose petal shape over it? Or a diamond with rose color? No, but you are close to it. A Rose cut diamond is one of the oldest cut in-fact but lost somewhere between 1920 and round brilliant-cut took over it after its discovery.

What if I say that these diamonds are getting their popularity once again? Yes, they are back and this time they made a comeback in antique and vintage designs. To give a diamond ring antique look use of rose-cut is most common nowadays.

But are the same as old rose cuts?

Now a day’s rose cuts are available in every shape and size most common are round, oval, and pear shapes. They are different from the old rose cuts but trendy because of its cut.

Let’s understand more in detail how a rose-cut looks like.

Rose cut diamonds are not ordinary they are unique also they look bigger in size in comparison to ordinary cuts. The reason is that its dome is bigger or thinner with a flat back and not like a brilliant cut.

Hence you can easily afford a rose cut diamond and make unique engagement rings or jewelry out of it.

They are natural but cut in such a way that one can easily see through its surface. They look transparent due to large triangular facets on its front.

They do shine brilliantly and also follows the same 4 C’s as brilliant-cut diamonds. They are natural diamonds just cut in a different way.

Where one can find rose cut in diamonds?

One can easily find them in white or different colors. Salt and pepper diamonds, black diamonds, and rustic diamonds are mostly shaped in rose cuts. Salt and pepper diamonds are one of its kinds and rose cut plays an important role to gain its important place.

Salt and pepper diamonds are known for the heavy inclusions caused naturally inside it and rose cut helps to get a visible look inside it.

In black diamond’s rose cut looks elegant, it looks like a black rose flower that is unique.

Rustic diamonds don’t shine much but the facets of rose cuts help it to reflect light from its surface

The importance of rose cut is more nowadays it has changed the view of people to look towards diamonds that are earthy.

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Diamond Beads.

You might have heard about many beads, but do you know about diamond beads? There are many types of diamond beads but the most popular are rough diamond beads. Rough diamond beads can be used to make many jewelry pieces like a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and even engagement rings.

Beads are made of many gemstones but most of the people are going for raw diamonds as they are hard and even if they are uncut they reflect much of light.

If you want to buy diamond beads then you can get them in verities of colors like, gray, black, blue, yellow, brown, green, and white. As these colors are rare to get in polished diamonds they are easy to be found in raw diamond beads. So people are moving towards jewelry made of diamond beads.

A necklace made of diamond beads are of two types, you can get them in the uncut shape of faceted shapes. Uncut diamond shapes are usually of no fixed shapes, they are kept real and raw in their own form. Ethically sourced from the womb of mother earth, these diamonds are always named as natural diamonds as they don’t have to go through any cutting or polishing process.

One can also get raw diamond beads in faceted form; they are cut into triangle facets to sparkle. They are not polished much but are cut into facets that will help the light to sparkle. Although the price of faceted diamond beads are more than uncut as they need a little bit of work on it.

There is another unique form of diamond beads in cube shapes officially known as Congo cube rough diamonds as they are found majorly in Congo River basin. You can get a wide range of colors in the Congo cube rough diamonds, like white, gray, black, and yellow. Mostly they are found in Yellow colors.

You can make a great piece of unique style jewelry with the help of these rough diamonds like an art deco style ring, which features antique diamonds mostly raw in nature.

Most jewelers make unique pieces of engagement rings and keep them raw to get an aesthetic look. One of the best examples is tree branch engagement rings.

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