Understanding Different Types Of Windows And Doors Markham

Understanding Different Types Of Windows And Doors Markham

Your windows and doors Markham play an essential part in your home. For instance, exterior doors are the main entry points in your home. Besides this usual role they play in protecting your home, front doors also create the first impression of your home. Without them, you cannot make a first impression, so the appearance matters.

These doors come in different types and styles, and choosing the best style can be challenging. However, if you have full knowledge of different styles of windows and doors Markham, you will shop for your front doors or windows like a pro. Without further ado, let’s dive in and learn more about the different styles of front doors.


1. Traditional Doors

Do not create the image of the door that you grew up seeing because that is not what traditional doors are. A traditional door is one with some factors like pre-hung hardware, wood, metal, or fiberglass construction and has between two to 12 raised panels. Most of these doors have colored panes of glass and decorations. Those that come in neutral colors can be painted to your color of choice.

2. Modern Exterior Doors and Windows

These windows and doors in Markham are characterized by straight lines, sleekness, and geometric details on them. Unlike the traditional ones, you will not find decorative panes and artistry. Most of them are oversized, and they are easier to install in new homes than when renovating. They mostly come in black, and some are double doors. Definitely, a go for option for Markham window replacement if you need to incorporate a modern feel in your home.

3. Arched Front Doors

They have a curved top, and this creates attention to your visitors. They give your home a more vintage look, and you can spice this up with some plants on the sides to make the air fresher and enhance the look. Some other features that you will notice in arched doors are big windows, vintage hardware, and double doors. Make your home stand out from the rest with an arched craftsman style. 

4. Rustic Front Door

This is the best type of door for homes in the woods, near the lake and cottages. They have sturdy hardware than traditional doors, they are durable and hard to break into, and they offer full protection. These windows and doors Markham are characterized by smaller window units, raised panes, and wood constructions. Instead of repainting, let them show off their natural grain. 

5. Storm Door

These doors are suitable for areas that are prone to strong winds. They are placed in front of your front door, which is advantageous because your front door lasts longer. They also add protection to your home because you can lock your storm door and leave your interior door open. They are made of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass, and they have interchangeable glass and screen inserts.

Which among these styles of doors and windows impress you? Whatever the style you choose for your home, make sure that your Markham window replacement project is done by a professional such as Total Home Windows and Doors.

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