Discord Or Zoom: Which One Is Best For Your Office Meetings

Discord Or Zoom: Which One Is Best For Your Office Meetings

Discord has changed substantially since the official lunch in 2015. Their initial success stemmed from a well-defined target market: gamers. However, as they expand, their target demographic expands as well. They are gradually attracting a broader range of consumers.

The advantages, such as the ability to host huge chatrooms, automatically generate news from various websites as it is published, and the fact that we are dealing with a lag-free platform, began to draw traders invested in the financial markets.

After establishing their dominance in the gaming business, or Netflix login integration to stream movies, they are now focusing on other target groups across various industries.

Indeed, Discord's motto has been modified from "Chat for Gamers" to "Chat for Communities and Friends." Additionally, they developed a new tagline: "Your place to communicate" to emphasize the importance of general-purpose communication. Bottom line, the company is presently focusing its efforts on making Discord a welcoming environment for all types of users, and I'm sure we can expect additional adjustments in the future.

According to Eric Yuan, Zoom's creator and CEO, their target market is business customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. Zoom also caters to education and healthcare customers. Zoom's target demographic is, in a word, early adopters. They are open-minded and clever individuals who are constantly looking for new chances. They are perpetual learners who thrive on new challenges. As Nick (previously Head of Product Marketing at Zoom and current Head of Global Services) put it:

We needed to concentrate our marketing efforts on the curious, adventurous group known as early adopters as a startup. This enables us to capitalize on our greatest strength – user experience – because an early adopter who loves a product will spread the news.

Zoom offers its consumers every convenience and attempts to increase their productivity in studying and working, as demonstrated by their tagline, "Elevate Every Encounter."

How to Start with Discord and Zoom

Discord, like the majority of apps, wants us to download it. You can do this on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or macOS. However, given Discord's origins in gaming, the most robust experience will be found on Windows and Mac. Once you've downloaded it, you'll need to establish a Discord login account and configure your credentials. When you open it, join the server or, if you already know someone who owns a server, requests an invite from them.

Once they do, click the link to join the server. Naturally, you can also host a server for yourself and your employees or friends. If you want to establish your server, you will be assigned to one currently empty.

You may then add new text or voice channels and users to your server from there. Once within Discord, take a moment to fiddle with the settings. You'll discover settings for changing your account information, approved apps, and overlay, among other things. Almost anything is customizable.

You are welcome to install bots that will allow your coworkers to level up in the server as they speak more, or bots that will play the music from YouTube in the voice channels so that everyone can listen together.

Let us now begin Zooming. Naturally, the first step is to register for and create a Zoom account. After that, you'll receive an email with a link to your meeting URL and the option to create a test meeting. Copying the URL into your browser should prompt you to download the Zoom app.

When everything is in place, it's simple to begin the meeting. Click the New meeting icon to begin. Additionally, you may invite attendees to your meeting by sending them an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting.

Zoom offers a variety of in-meeting options, including screen sharing, virtual backdrops, and in-meeting security controls, including locking, suspending, or enabling the waiting room.

Security: Zoom Vs. Discord

Discord is well-known for its commitment to user privacy: it does not log messages in free or subscription versions. The communications that you delete are permanently deleted. Additionally, when you send photos using the app, they are immediately scanned by PhotoDNA, a scanning technology that looks for explicit and unlawful material in images.

You can report messages to Discord, and their team will investigate whether they violate their terms of service. Additionally, Discord has a bug bounty program. This means that if a user discovers and reports vulnerabilities, they will be rewarded with amazing swag or real cash.

We are all aware of Zoom's security concerns. The application encountered issues for which it was extensively criticized. Since then, it has enhanced its security procedures and bolstered its privacy protections. AES 256 encryption and end-to-end encryption can secure the shared content.

They are likewise encrypted when it comes to meetings; additionally, Zoom provides waiting areas for guests and requires the host to be present before the meeting begins. Additionally, only users with a specific email domain can join via a passcode.

Zoom vs. Discord for Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

Discord supports video chat via the direct message area or on a server. You can toggle between a webcam and screen sharing. Previously, only ten individuals could witness live-streamed screen sharing, but the limit was increased to fifty due to the epidemic. Discord prompts you to select which screen to broadcast.

Additionally, you can stream in a channel, which anyone on the server can view for a presentation or whatever is required. Droplr allows you to share screenshots and recordings.

Copy and paste the URL into the Discord chat after taking a screenshot, GIF, or screen recording with Droplr. Additionally, Discord supports multithreading. This enables you to view many streams concurrently. Naturally, you can record your meetings as well.

Zoom in now. Zoom is still the undisputed king of video conferencing if you have a robust internet connection. The conference attendees can reserve breakout rooms for smaller gatherings. Zoom, like Discord, enables you to share several screens.

Unlike Discord, Zoom, on the other hand, has whiteboards for lecturers and facilitators to jot notes or sketch on the screen. Multiple users can share their screens simultaneously in Zoom and Discord.

File sharing: Zoom Vs. Discord

Discord supports file sharing, although the largest size you can transfer is 8Mb if you're using the free version. However, if you have a Nitro subscription, you can transfer files up to a maximum size of 100Mb per file.

If you want to send files in Zoom, you can do so via the chat window during the conference or webinar. Files can be delivered to all participants, single members, or designated groups. The maximum file size that can be saved is 512Mb.

Cost Comparison: Zoom Vs. Discord

Discord offers two subscription plans: a free one and a premium one called Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It includes improved video quality, server acceleration, a larger upload limit, greater live streaming quality, and a custom Discord tag.

Zoom offers several different plans. The free edition is limited to meetings lasting 40 minutes and accommodating up to 100 people.

The Pro plan is $14.99/month/license for one year. It includes the same capabilities as the Free package but includes 30 hours of recording time, social streaming, and 1GB of cloud storage.

The Business plan is priced at $19.99 per month per license. It supports up to 300 participants and includes additional features like single sign-on, controlled domains, transcriptions for cloud recording, and enterprise branding.

Enterprise plans start at $19.99 per month per license. It includes everything in the Business plan, plus up to 1000 participants, unlimited cloud storage, and a personal customer success manager. Zoom vs. Discord: Integrations

Discord includes pre-built connectors with a variety of popular applications. All you have to do is enable the connections to gain. Discord interacts with various services, including Telegram, Twitch, Google Sheets, Gmail, Trello, YouTube, Steam, Blizzard Entertainment, Spotify, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Xbox Live. Each integration has a unique set of features. They all, however, include a method for syncing data from the associated app directly into your Discord server.

As a versatile tool with an open API, Zoom also offers some excellent integrations. Indeed, Zapier enables you to connect Zoom to over 3000 apps. It integrates with Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, Dropbox, Panopto, Zylo, Microsoft Teams, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Outlook, among other applications.

Discord's Additional Features

Both platforms have several characteristics, but they also have significant variances.

Discord enables you to manage your notifications. You are free to edit them on a server, channel, or user-by-user basis. Additionally, Discord supports server folders, which allow you to organize your list of Discord servers into more manageable categories. If you belong to multiple groups, you may find this tool quite useful.

Another great feature that Discords has is markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that enables rich content creation using a plain text editor. That is to say; you can use markdown to structure your messages however you like.

Additionally, Discord allows you to configure hotkeys, which activate specific in-app functions.

Bots are a critical component of Discord. Certain bots can assign responsibilities to newcomers to a server or provide welcome messages, among other things.

Additionally, you may create bespoke Discord bots that execute activities particular to your business using the Discord Developer Portal.

Another Discord tip is to boost the audio output of your microphone. This can be accomplished by utilizing the app's robust voice processing capabilities. If someone is unable to hear you, you can adjust the settings. Those irritating crunching sounds you hear in the background while conversing with someone have long since vanished.

You can also join Discord Partners if you're looking to expand your server's user base. Discord Partners receive bespoke Discord servers, partner badges, VIP voice servers, and complimentary access to Discord Nitro.

Zoom Additional Features

With Zoom, you can meet virtually from anywhere or at least appear to be. You are welcome to change the background of your meetings to remove distractions, conceal clutter, or emphasize branding.

Zoom provides waiting rooms, allowing you to monitor who enters your meetings. You can admit participants one at a time or all at once and even send a message to those who are waiting.

Additionally, the app allows you to reserve a virtual conference room exclusively for you by using a Personal Meeting ID.

Additionally, do you require a touch-up? Zoom has your back. You can instantly appear polished and professional with the Touch-Up Appearance tool, which applies a soft focus to the entire screen.

Would you like to view diagnostic data during a meeting? Zoom assists you in determining whether the troubles you're experiencing are related to audio, video, or your network. This can resolve any concerns you may have, rather than contacting the IT administrator for assistance. This function requires the Zoom Desktop client, a downloaded application, to join Zoom calls.

Zoom said that beginning March 2021, it will begin offering its video conferencing technology as a white-label product, allowing other businesses to integrate it into their products. Keep an eye out!


Which is superior: Zoom or Discord? If you need to communicate with others via video or voice, Discord is a good choice. On the other hand, Zoom is designed for corporations and conferences, and its plethora of capabilities enables you to communicate more professionally with customized tools. Both apps are among the best available today. Depending on your individual goal, needs, and money, you cannot go wrong with Zoom or Discord.

However, if you're still on the fence about whether Zoom or Discord is the right fit for you, feel free to give Chanty a try. This software is one of the greatest team communication applications available, and it is specifically designed to save you time and boost your productivity. Request a demo with our team to learn how Chanty can benefit your business.

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