Dogs Obesity Epidemic- What Can You Do To Help?

Dogs Obesity Epidemic- What Can You Do To Help?

Nowadays, the number of dogs obesity epidemic is increasing quickly. Obesity in dogs can cause a variety of health-related problems and may even shorten the lifespan of your beloved dog. So in this post, I want to discuss about dogs obesity epidemic and some useful ways to get your dog’s weight back on track.

Dog Obesity by the Numbers

The number of dogs tipping the scale at above-average weights has increased year over year. Nearly 100 million pets in the U.S. are overweight or obese, making weight the leading health threat to our nation’s companion animals today.

The number of the dog obesity epidemic is also increasing quickly day by day.

Pet obesity is a growing problem in the UK

How do dogs become overweight?

There is many reasons why dogs gain weight. No matter what the reason is, the dog obesity epidemic is never a good thing and should be looked into as soon as possible.

One of common reasons is too much food. Often we’re not sure how many calories we need to maintain a healthy weight. In an online poll conducted by APOP, 93 percent of dog owners gave their dogs treats, with 26 percent reporting that they gave their dog multiple treats per day.

control food for dogs

Too little exercise. Getting too little exercise is another common reason dogs gain weight. Each day dogs need to get the amount of exercise your pooch needs. So if your pets haven’t had much activity lately, don’t hesitate to take them for a three-mile run.

Take dogs to walk

Aging. As dog’s age, they lose muscle mass over time, known as sarcopenia. A loss of muscle mass is associated with a slower metabolism, which leads to fat gain.

common aging changes in dogs – overweight

Other reasons like too frequent feedings and consuming table scraps or foods. 

What can you do to help your dog?

Here are some useful tips you can help your overweight dog lose weight for longer, healthier, and happier.

Keep Your Dog Active. Exercise helps your dog get healthy. Increasing your dog’s activity helps burn off energy. Exercising your pet doesn’t have to mean running marathons or going for long hikes. You just need to take your dog walk in the park or garden daily.

Feed your overweight dog fewer carbohydrates. The ideal canine weight-loss diet is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in fat, which satisfies the appetite.

Measure and Monitor. Every day, you should control the amount of treats of your dogs. You’d better have a clear idea of how much your dog should eat at each meal. Don’t free-feed or eyeball how much you scoop out. The best way is to use an appropriate measuring device to ensure you’re managing portion control. The PortionPro is one of the best automatic Pet Feeder you can easily buy at Vet Innovations store.

The Portion Pro – perfect feeding device

The PortionPro is a unique, new, and intelligent feeding device that prevents food-stealing between pets while controlling meal portions.

The PortionPro Models

You simply program how much you want your pet to be fed and the total number of meals per day, then fill the food bin with kibble. No need to measure food. No more separating your pets during meals so that the right pet gets the right food. No more hiding the cat bowl from the dog.

Avoid feeding your dog high-fiber foods. If you feed your dogs too much fiber, it can interfere with nutrient absorption. Grains are a common source of fiber. Many grain-free foods are high in protein and low in carbs, which can make them effective foods for weight loss.

Is High Fiber Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Distinguish Between Begging and Hunger. Begging is not always about wanting more to eat. If your dog begs, don’t assume that he is hungry. When your dog is prone to begging, let’s opt for a high-protein diet with a blend of fibers. This way helps manage your dog’s appetite.

Dog obesity is creasing quickly

To sum up, the dogs obesity epidemic is a serious issue, so don’t let your dog gain too much weight. You are responsible for your dog’s health. So don’t wait for any seconds, let’s get above useful ways to help your dog healthier.

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