DYNOMIGHTY Reviews: Fun And Fantastic Wallets

DYNOMIGHTY Reviews: Fun And Fantastic Wallets


The Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty is a fun addition to any wallet collection. The Tyvek paper makes the images pop while providing the strength to prevent tears and resist moisture. I have used 3 different wallets over the past 3 years. They hold up better than expected after 1 full year of daily use. I found that the hard part is waiting a year to buy another. The designs are fantastic and the price is reasonable. The simple folded paper design is easy to use. It has two main money compartments and two credit card pouches.

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Things you would love

DYNOMIGHTY offers great wallet if you like fun designs in a slim compact design.

Daily Connection
A custom branded Mighty Wallet is a conversation starter giving your brand a valuable placement amongst friends and at any point of purchase.

Eco-friendly Matters
Consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if their promotional product is environmentally friendly!

80% Effective
The Mighty Wallet is saved and shared. When used daily it connects with consumers on a personal and a financial connection.

Customer reviews

Published by Zach Childs

the best wallet for the money, don’t think there’s a more versatile cheaper more durable wallet. so many places to put money and cards. mine has been through the washer about 5 times and people tried to rip it when it was new. its 6+ years old and still usable.

Published by Heather Fillmore

Love my Dynomighty wallets. I’m on #3, but not because they get bad, just because I want a new one with a new style. My first 2 were a buy 1 get 1 promo when Dynomighty first started, they’re in a box somewhere if I want to switch back to them. Now I can find these in quite a few different stores, which is handy. They do get worn over time but they won’t break. I’ve had them for years and they just don’t quit, even if they go through the wash a few times. I’m looking forward to trying out a different style of wallet next time.

Published by Cian Magill

A great solution to an eco friendly wallet. I was kindly given one of these at the Stockholm furniture and light expo in February 2017. I’m still using my paper wallet today and love how its think and has lasted this long! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Published by Terry Boudreau

Dynomighty is simply awesome! They make a very unique product and give it to you at a fair price. Amazing!
I have ordered a number of their custom wallets and they have been great. Having the opportunity to use my own and others photos to create a one of a kind gift makes it very special. I’ve used it to make collections for my grandchildren that have been a real hit. A piece I made for a friend used a collection of his photos. This year we gave Mighty Wallets as a gift (a special one to a musician had bars and notes on it that he assured me he would play!)
I always have a Mighty Wallet in my pocket and recommend/brag on it all the time. Even when my custom wallets have ‘aged’, I keep them as a memory. I always have 3 or 4 wallets in my desk for special occasions when I want to have a unique piece to show off. I also have a few of their bags and other items that I use in my business.
This year there were some production delays (it was only a couple days, but I’m a PITA) due to heavy traffic at the holidays. I was very impressed that the head of the company actually got involved and readily communicated with me. It was greatly appreciated and made me an even bigger promoter.
Get a Mighty Wallet and try it. I promise you will like it!!

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