Best E-commerce Packages To Choose

Best E-commerce Packages To Choose

If you are finding ways to develop your business with e-commerce system, you need some basic knowledge about the most popular platforms for your online store. We’ve made this list for you to check out these amazing e-commerce platforms.

My Choice Software 

When you choose one of the e-commerce packages offered by My Choice Software, it is guaranteed that your future e-commerce website will get any profits from sales. With a team specializing in their fields, My Choice Software offers five packages you can choose from.

Free Website Review

This package can be used for free. But being free does not mean you will get poor service. Choosing this one from My Choice’s e-commerce packages will give your website an overall web solution analysis. The aspects that will be inspected in this analysis includes a review of your website’s performance, a review of the layout, and content review. After the reviews are made, you will receive suggestions for revision if needed. This service can also be received via phone consultation.

Website fixes

If you have prepared a budget for buying an e-commerce package, you can choose this package. In this package, you will get a minimum of five hours of expert website fixes, which will be done on five to ten pages.

This includes HTML or CSS corrections, scripting error fixes, and an improvement in element design. You will also receive strategies for managing your contents. You can subscribe to this e-commerce packages for $1.000 per year.

Basic E-commerce

Need more help in building your e-commerce site? Then you should choose this package. By subscribing at $5000 for 3 years, you will get a bunch of assistance in building your e-commerce website.

The advantages you will get from this package are market ready solution, a secure shopping cart for your future customers, a merchant account, marketing campaign to start up your business, assistance in managing your first 10 products, and installation of analytics. You will also get year-round support. Needless to say, this is one of the best e-commerce packages out there.


Shopify offers at least twenty different themes with e-commerce packages you can choose from. Each one has its own advantages. Learn more about them to choose the right one.


The excellence of this e-commerce packages has been proven by the award it received. Back in 2016, YourStore ranked first in the Envato competition for the most searched theme. Since then, YourStore has become the theme with most sales in Themeforest. With more than twenty-two pre-made themes, you can combine your choice of header, footer, and checkout methods to build your dream store.


Fastor is one of the e-commerce packages currently trending in Themeforest which shows how popular it is among users. The choice of layout, aesthetics, and features wins all compliments from customers. The creator, roartheme, has an excellent customer service record. This is one of the reasons why this theme receives so many positive feedbacks.


Pastel colours and sharp edges are the distinctive features of iOne. It has twelve demos that displays clean aesthetics, giving you unlimited solutions and giving inspirations for customization.

If you choose iOne, which is one of the best e-commerce packages, you can choose the feature it offers such as instant switching between list/grid layout, AJAX based paging and toolbar, sticky menu, alternative images, lazy loading, product zoom, off-canvas menu, and many more.


Nopcommerce is an open source e-commerce solution built on a base of ASP.NET with MS SQL 2012 for database. It is very easy to use and can be developed with web host. Nopcommerce provides everything you will need to start selling items online.

There are a range of features offered by Nopcommerce, such as Nopcommerce catalog which displays products, categories, and suppliers. Potential buyers can search for the items they need based on item categories or the shops that offer the said items. Other than that, Nopcommerce also provides shopping cart, checkout feature, affiliation, anonymous checkout, blogs, and forums.

Nopcommerce is also search engine friendly, which makes your online shop more exposed and discoverable by future customers. Although nopcommerce isn’t the most used e-commerce platform out there, the quality of their e-commerce packages is undoubtable.


This is one of the open source CMSs for online shops with a PHP base. Opencart is among the easiest ones to use. This platform also offers many features and supports Search Engine Optimization.

The user interface is simple, with a suitable colour scheme you can see on the main page. There are many features such as catalogue, coupons, ticket, shipping, order, and report. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about the availability of templates and extensions, because many official and third-party websites offer these items.


Among all e-commerce platforms that offers e-commerce packages, magento is the one with the most rapid development. Magento comes in two choices: Enterprise edition and community edition.

The first one, enterprise edition, has a very complete and advanced technology in increasing sales, including features such as store credit, virtual or physical gift cards, sales exclusively held for members, retail and wholesale multi-stores, and full-time support.

However, things will be different if you choose the community edition. The community edition is usually utilized by experienced developers. The community edition e-commerce package from Magento is not supported with various features. When this choice from Magento’s e-commerce packages is used, there will be no warranty or compensation.



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