Earth Runners Review: Connect To The Earth Through Grounding

Earth Runners Review: Connect To The Earth Through Grounding

About Earth Runners

Earth Runners are a footwear system offering the ultimate barefoot sandal experience. Earth Runners‘ custom moulded sandals recreate that one of a kind primal experience of running or hiking barefoot while minimizing the risk of injury to the feet. Earth Runners give that satisfying “ground feel”, offering both protection and comfort in a great looking sandal.

Earth Runners products include:

Minimalist Sandals
Earthing Shoes
Running Sandals
Barefoot Sandals
Grounded Sandals


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Features you would love at Earth Runners

Utilizing minimalist Vibram soles, Earth Grip footbed & our grounded conductive lacing system offering the ultimate minimalist sandal experience. Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals, Earth Runners combine the barefoot benefits of earthing shoes with the functionality of minimalist running sandals to offer the closest thing to truly barefoot running in their one of a kind earthing adventure sandals.

Earth Runners Sandals ancient eco design
Earth Runners Sandals with ancient eco-design

What makes Earth Runners different from other minimalist footwear is the original design that allows you to access ever-present subtle electrical energies, much like going barefoot on the earth. The soles of the feet are natural access points for planetary life force energy. Typical footwear blocks these natural incoming flows of vital ground source energy, and thus impacts our health and how we move, dance, and live on earth.

Earth Runners Sandals Green Laces
Earth Runners Sandals with Green Laces

Earth Runners offer a unique conductive sole design crafted with quality copper insets. These copper insets help to ground users electrically by allowing electron transfer from the largest electrical source known to humankind – the planet – direct to your body!

Earth Runners reviews

Stephanie Williams Geyer

I have the circadians with the suede footbed and recently added to the collection with a hemp pair. Although I like both, I don’t love the hemp as much as the suede. I find it slightly more uncomfortable between the toes and the footbed is more rough. The hemp ones have been much harder for me to break in and conform to my feet. I prefer the original suede and vinyl strap version. I love those! I never wear flip flops anymore. If I wear sandals, I’m wearing one of my two pairs of Earthrunners. I have another brand of huaraches that don’t even come close to these. Customer service is great, too!

Gabe Ariciu

I have been wanting a new pair of sandals and athletic shoes and these hit both of them. We live in the Ozarks and hike frequently. I wanted something nice and cool too. So I was eager to try them.
I have other barefoot shoes/sandals and the Earth Runners are very comfortable. Better than the other sandals I have by a Longshot and quite comparable in comfort to my Vivos.
I am a chiropractor and one of the many things I help my patients understand is the importance of being barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes. So I was very happy that these worked out so well. I have already broken them in quite a bit. No blisters or discomfort at all. Highly recommended!
Earth Runners Sandal Horseshoe Bend
Earth Runners Sandal in Horseshoe Bend

Paul Williamson

I’ve tried just about every brand of huaraches out there (my Earth Runners are my 10th pair of huaraches) and I have to say that Earth Runners (I have the Circadian model) are my new favorite.
The earthing aspect was the primary draw to them for me since I already had a pair of huaraches I loved for daily use / running / hiking / etc, but I was surprised when I got them and they actually outperform all my other ones in practically every area on top of the earthing. I have also tested their earthing myself with a voltage / multi-level and they do indeed give nearly identical readings to being fully barefoot.

Marnie Goldthorpe

My ERs have given me the best experience of running I’ve ever had – somehow they make it easier – I guess because the foot can actually do what it’s meant to and there is a feeling of freedom and bounce with nothing in the way of that. I also feel like they’re naturally helping my technique/form improve and showing me where I need to get stronger.
Earth Runners Jesus sandal
Earth Runners Jesus sandal

Rebekah Carson

The epitome of thoughtful design is highly functional simplicity, and earth runners are just that! After 15 years wearing chacos, I’ve been looking for a replacement that would be just as functional for hiking and water sports while letting my feet bend and function like they do barefoot… so far these have exceeded all my hopes and expectations! Love them!

KS Lor

I had a pair of minimalist sandals from another company but I didn’t like how I have to continously adjust the lace throughout the day. Then I came across these. I have Earth Runners Sandals for almost a year and worn them almost every day except cold and raining days. Due to the clip, I never had to keep tighten or adjust the lace. They have been on city streets, on trails, and on the beaches. Just yesterday the lace broke while I was on the Soberanes Canyon Trail. I replaced the lace with paracord; hopefully, it will be as comfortable as the nylon lace because the soles still have a couple more months in them.

Anna Margaret Diehl Phillips

I’ve been mostly barefoot my whole life, and I couldn’t for the life of my find a sandal that was comfortable and capable of doing all the things I needed them to do, till I found Earth Runners! They are my unicorn sandal, and I don’t plan on wearing anything else for a looooooooooooooong time!
Earth Runners sandal for hiking
Earth Runners Hiking Sandal

Ilyas Badalyan

I bought the first design of these sandals when they first came out and even though they were very comfy, they didn’t last long. With the first pair, a hole formed due to a stone being stuck in the base and drilling through the foot bed over time. With the second pair, the metal bit holding the straps snapped.
A week or so back I received the latest iteration after seeing that the design was improved. And oh boy…what an improvement!!! Thicker base means that a measly little stone is far less likely to drill a hole through the base; the straps now hold directly through the sandal base itself ensuring that the problem that existed with the metal bit is no longer an issue
and finally another improvement that left me surprised to say the least..
the nylon straps themselves are now much more softer in texture making the straps feel that much more comfy against your skin!
Overall I am EXTREMELY happy with these sandals and really, these are no-brainers if you are looking for sandals to reconnect with the Mother Earth. There is just no comparison or even competition out there.
Go and buy them now! Your feet and your well-being will thank you



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