EJ Gift Cards Reviews: Smart Solution

EJ Gift Cards Reviews: Smart Solution

About EJ Gift Cards

Every year, billions of dollars worth of gift cards are purchased and forgotten. They are left sitting in wallets, drawers and purses while someone else could be putting good use to them. EJ Gift Cards has created a marketplace where consumers can sell the gift cards for cash. Sell your cards and get cash!

Turn them into cash! EJ Gift Cards offers the highest pay outs for your gift cards and store credit based on the current market rates. There is no limit on how many gift cards they can cash out and no limit on the balance of the gift cards. They give you a better way to spend gift cards

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Customer reviews

Published by Darrell Amer

I had a gift card I wanted to get rid of after a lot of research online I found ej gift cards and decided to give it a shot. since I had an electronic gift card it took longer than the 1-2 days but I emailed them they replied quickly. It was my first time so they had to make sure it was legit and once they did I received my money. I used it once again after that and got my money within the 1-2 days, definitely a fan of this site now.

Published by Brand J

“Fair prices”
I like buying from ej gift cards because of their fair prices. I’ve done business with them since mid last year and I can’t complain.

Published by Bambi M

“Absolute best”
Ej GiftCards is still great after over 2 years using their services. I have never had any issues with a gift card purchase. I will continue to use them for future purchases. Awesome discounts!

Published by Lacey N

“Simple and straightforward”
I’m not sure what these other reviews are taking about but I had an amazing experience with EJ Gift Cards. I sold them a card, got my money and moved on. Simple and straight forward. I’ll do business with you in future. Definitely.

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