Elite Sports Reviews: High-Quality Martial Art Gear

Elite Sports Reviews: High-Quality Martial Art Gear

About Elite Sports

Founded by veterans of MMA, Elite Sports is dedicated to revolutionize the way people look at the products they buy and the prices they pay. No longer will you have to pay a premium price for a premium product, Elite Sports is able to provide the best bang without breaking your bank. No more poorly designed and made products for your training.

Find the best MMA gear and clothing for you at Elite Sports. Shop a wide selection of mma gloves, BJJ Gis, shorts, rashguards and more from in low prices.

Things you would love

Their particular attention to detail and design is what will make their products stand out. Design is not an afterthought with them. As a matter of a fact, a great and useful design is one of their primary goals when they’re brainstorming and that is translated into the products you see today. Their goal is to make you worry-free when you’re at the gym. They are dedicated to allow you to submerse yourself into your training so that you don’t have to worry about anything but getting better. They allow you to freely train without having to worry about tearing your gear, that is also why they offer a warranty – something most companies in this industry are afraid to do. They stand behind their products becausethey have designed them with heavy-use in mind. They’ve tested their products and as soon as you do, you’ll know why Elite Sports is revolutionizing the industry.

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Customer reviews

Published by Perez Michele

I highly recommend Elite Sports Gear because of the great quality and durability of the gear they make. I have 2 of their GIs and a neon green rash guard. The gear is very comfortable. All are breathable. I can flow great and the pants fit perfect. Thanks Elite

Published by Maria Beatriz Zamora-Levesque

I was introduced to Elite by one of my teammates who recommended I gave them a try. I train 7 days a week, which means, I am always looking for training gear. My first compliment goes to the speed of the fulfillment. My order arrived faster than I expected. I purchased a Rash Guard and a Gi. the rashguard’s material is very durable and flexible and reminded me of that used in compression running pants (which I happen to love). The length of the rash guard is what really sealed the deal for me. It is long enough to maintain its position throughout the rolls (mind you, I wore it during a 2-hour open mat).
If you train in the GI, give the elite GI a try. I love the fit of the GI and how soft the top is.

Published by Kasia Ela

I am very satisfied with my new white gi from Elite Sports. It fits perfectly and it is very comfortable as well as durable! Pre-shrunk, great quality, lightweight with modest design…I love it! Also, my personal favorite is that the pants’ string does not come undone! No more stopping to tie my pants!

I also purchased the Elite Sports Duffle bag, which definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s large enough to fit all my gear but also has a very practical, cool-looking design, to more effectively separate what goes into the bag! Very durable, lightweight, multiple pockets and it is definitely easy to keep it clean!

Published by Lauren Kucera

Elite Sports has fantastic gear! I am very impressed with the quality of their bjj gis and their gi bags. Anytime someone starts jiu-jitsu or starts talking gis, you can point them in the direction of Elite and know that they are getting a high-quality gi for an affordable price. The gis are soft, sturdy, easy to wash and care for, and the fit is great. The Elite gi bag has made everyday life so much easier for me. It has enough room for multiple gis, rash guards, water bottles, mouth guards, and it keeps all my equipment organized. Also, it is very comfortable to carry. Elite Sports is also very well known in the jiu-jitsu community for how well they treat their athletes. Diana Murphy has helped me multiple times in selecting the right equipment and checking in on how the equipment is working. It is the one and only martial art equipment companies I have ever purchased from that has actively followed up with me after each purchase. After training in the gis, they still look brand new. There hasn’t been any fading, shrinkage, ripped seams, etc. If you want high-quality martial arts gear, Elite Sports should be the first company to check out.

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