5 Surprising Email Marketing Tips To Boost SEO Ranking

5 Surprising Email Marketing Tips To Boost SEO Ranking


SEO and Email Marketing are areas so distinct from each other that it's impossible to imagine using them for one purpose together.

Email marketing will push your SEO campaigns to impressive results. Email marketing can be very good for your SEO and thus reflects your website in boosting search traffic. There is no obvious link between email and SEO, so it is unlikely that Google will crawl emails to rate your site. Getting a lot of subscribers doesn't make you a favorite of Google, either.

Email Marketing Tips To Help You Boost Your SEO Ranking

By usual methods, email marketing and SEO do not work hand-in-hand together. But if you think a little outside the box, you can see where they are great supplements, and how effective email marketing can help your search traffic as well.

Let's look at the best ideas for driving traffic and making your SEO campaigns better.

  1. Boost Your Social Engagement Through Emails

An email with social networking connections invites the most active (subscribers) users to share the content through their social media marketing. Be sure to provide a CTA requesting new content for subscribers to share. These loyal first readers will help plant the virality seeds and push the much-needed organic participation.

The sharing of social media has a clear relation with SEO. The top five ranked pages were also the shared on Linkedin, Facebook, and Google+.

  1. Encourage Website Subscribers By Emails

By inspiring users to comment on your posts, engagement can be enhanced but there should be another way to interact with your company. You should encourage users to subscribe to your website, rather than relying on simple emails. Over time this would help in greater user engagement.

  • There are few ways to do that, let's see which ones are:
  • You should also make it clear enough when you provide a link to your work in the email that RSS is the way to stay connected with you.

You can also ask users to sign in to your social media platforms to stay connected.

  1. Email Marketing Improves Bounce Rates

Search engines know how long people want to remain on your site and what percentage they quit (or "bounce") immediately without testing your content. Your bounce rate is a major factor in the overall search ranking. And with the world's best SEO writing a high bounce rate is going to ruin your ranking.

So, the first phase to cutting your bounce rate is to produce excellent content — and you can actually monitor the quality of your visitors by linking to your content in email newsletters. Email connect visitors seem to be more active and more interested in your material, which makes sense as they were interested enough to sign up for your emails first.

  1. Create A Newsletter Sign-Up Series

This will go a long way towards generating leads and growing the traffic on your website, as well as growing your subscribers rapidly. You should send your subscribers a suitable place to sign up, and then check their email address to ensure authentication. Then you should determine how long your series will run.

The series should be strong enough to go out with split content for 7-14 days. Professional translation services can also be provided to users who do not understand your mother tongue. The last day should however include links to free, demo, or subscription which will convert your new subscribers into customers automatically.

  1. Offer A Free Subscription

Another perfect way to get users to become your customers is by offering your app, newsletter, blog and seo group buy tools free subscriptions. This will not only boost traffic on your website but will also be perfect for your SEO.

People usually enjoy free things, so by providing something that users can find useful, it's a perfect way to attract users.

Does Email Marketing Matter Nowadays?

Yes! Email marketing still matters. And if it's not part of your main marketing plan, you lose a lot of effort and conversion. Look at those statistics:

1. There are about 3 billion email users worldwide (that's almost half the population).

2. Every day in 2017, 269 Million Emails were sent and received.

3. Email marketing is used as a key consumer acquisition tool by 81 percent of SMBs (Small-and - Medium Business).

4. If you're spending a dollar on email marketing, you'll get a $44 ROI that's 4400 percent when converted to a penny.

Summing It Up

Take email marketing as a way to connect your high-quality content to high-quality visitors. Search engines are improving and growing in distinguishing quality content from the rest, and SEO is becoming a matter of only throwing out nice stuff.

Email marketing puts the best content before the best audience possible and tools for segmentation take the guesswork out of understanding the target. Your email projects should understand what you are trying to achieve with SEO, and should be structured to help those goals.

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