Emilia Clarke's Sun-Kissed Makeover Will Melt Your Heart

Emilia Clarke's Sun-Kissed Makeover Will Melt Your Heart

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke recently traded her dark locks for a warmer, brighter look just in time for summer. The actress was spotted at the Formula One British Grand Prix on July 7 flaunting her new honey-blonde hair.

Clarke's transformation consisted of layered highlights in golden and caramel tones throughout her hair. The money pieces in front were especially illumination, brightening up her face. It's a subtle change from her usual brunette color but one that radiates a sun-kissed glow.

Fans of the HBO hit will remember Clarke's iconic platinum blonde do from her days playing Daenerys Targaryen. However, the lengthy dye process ended up severely damaging her hair. Nowadays Clarke prefers changes that are low maintenance but still make a statement.

Her newest look fits that criteria perfectly. The blended highlights add warmth and dimension without the intense bleaching required for platinum. Clarke's hair looks healthy and shiny as a result.

This summery hairstyle is refreshing like a cool breeze in the hot sun. Clarke beams with charm and beauty as she shows off her makeover. Even those who didn't know the meaning of "bend the knee" before Game of Thrones can appreciate this gorgeous new look from the Queen herself. With color this radiant, you'll be powerless to resist its charms just like those who pledged allegiance to Daenerys.

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