Enjoy Using Instagram With Qoob Stories

Enjoy Using Instagram With Qoob Stories

Are you interested in knowing how to enjoy using Instagram with Qoob stories? Then you are here at the right place. Let you know that Instagram has become a preferred social media platform for photographers, video creators, marketers, and influencers to showcase and promote their merchandise or services. However, it doesn't have any native desktop shopper, nor will it provide you with the simplest way to save lots of content for offline viewing.

The exclusively main drawback of Instagram is that it's a closed platform and doesn't gift any native strategy to get content material for offline viewing. It, besides, has no native desktop shopper, which could be a bummer. Here, we're sharing a service that not exclusively permits you to look at Instagram content material on your desktop but can also get Instagram tales, images, movies, and extra, in mass.

It's called Qoob Stories, and during this article, we're planning to be schooled all concerning it. All its basic options square measure obtainable for gratis, though you'll also purchase a premium account if you would like many options obtainable.

Qoob Stories:

Qoob Stories is an easy-to-use Instagram story viewer that allows you to browse and save stories, highlights, photos, and videos from public and personal Instagram accounts. The desktop app is offered for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Qoob Stories, you'll watch Instagram Stories anonymously ― due to this application, and you are doing not ought to produce a faux account to look at Instagram stories of users while not them knowing. Follow this easy guide to observe them and transfer them in batch.


The key options of Qoob Stories, thus you get a concept of what this app offers. I'm exploiting my waterproof for the screenshots enclosed within the stories. However, since there's feature parity between its waterproof, Windows, and UNIX operating system apps, no matter what you browse, here are applicable for all the platforms.

  • Qoob Stories provides exquisite desktop expertise for Instagram users. You’ll browse the feed with no ads or clutter.
  • The app allows you to read and transfer the content from Instagram by hashtags, username, and placement.
  • Qoob Stories will even transfer Instagram stories and highlights. For example, if you take the accounts you're following, it'll mechanically transfer stories and highlights from that feed.
  • The app allows you to browse and examine Instagram stories on any account anonymously. Sort within the username to observe stories privately. You oughtn't to produce a faux account for this purpose.
  • Qoob Stories offers you full management over the transfer feature. Once you sort within the username, hashtag, or location, the app allows you to decide what media you would like to transfer.

Way to Transfer Photos and Videos from Instagram: 

As we say, all you've got to try to do is transfer the Qoob Stories application to your pc, be it Windows or macOS and even Ubuntu, for free. You won't even have to be compelled to sign in together with your Instagram account. All you've got to try to do is place the Instagram user or the hashtag you wish to go looking for within the program and click on "Download". Within the event that you need to perform a probe by location. You may have to be compelled to register together with your Instagram user account.

When the search results square measure displayed, you'll click on every one of the pictures to look at it with the program you've got put in by default to look at images, and you'll transfer them. Additionally, you only have to be compelled to click the "Show in folder" button to envision all the photos and videos you have saved. If you click on the "Subscribe" button, the new search results will be downloaded as additional content is printed within the accounts or hashtags you have indicated.

Use of Qoob Stories App:

If you would like to transfer photos by hashtag or any public account, no login is needed. However, if you would like to save lots of stories, photos from personal accounts, your posts, and posts of the accounts you're following, you want to log in together with your Instagram details.

Importantly, the app doesn't store any info regarding your Instagram account. To transfer Instagram content, you'll do this in 3 ways:

  • Hashtag: kind within the "#" sign before the word or phrase and click on Subscribe.
  • Username: kind within the username, then click subscribe and browse Instagram photos, videos, stories of an account.
  • Location: Enter the situation name and click on the highlighted word search places within the search field. Then, click Subscribe.

The app provides you choice to choose the sort of media and conditions for the automated transfer. Kind within the search term, and click on choices next to the Subscribe button. Here, you'll set the date to vary for the posts and choose the media kind you would like to transfer.

On the most interface, click on the arrow button to check all the posts for that account. You’ll hover over a post to check the caption. If you would like to scan comments and check the other info, right-click the post and choose Show on Instagram choice.

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