Epic Seven April Patch New Hero, New Event, And New Season. How To Download Epic Seven On PC?

Epic Seven April Patch New Hero, New Event, And New Season. How To Download Epic Seven On PC?

Epic Seven is a famous role-playing video game released on August 30, 2018. Smilegate Mega Port published it. In this game, there are multiple characters and stories. The game developers are continuously adding new events, heroes, and
seasons to the game. These are released as Patch, and every new Patch contains new things. You can play this game on both Android and iOS devices. You can also download Epic Seven on PC by using an android emulator.

Epic seven

April Patch
Epic Seven, the most famous and popular role-playing game, released the April Patch. In this Patch, the players will experience new gameplay. A new hero named Bomb Model Kanna and a new event, Super Maid Queens Super event, and a new season
Guild War Skyward season added to the game. Many other optimization changes were also made in Epic Seven in this Patch. The Patch is live from April 1. In this article, we will discuss the April Patch of epic seven in detail.

Bomb Model Kanna
Bomb Model Kanna is a new 5-star hero of Epic Seven scheduled in April Patch. The hero will be available to the Epic Seven players before this Patch goes live. This new 5-star hero is specialized in dealing with massive AoE. This new hero Bomb Model
Kanna can increase the attack speed of her allies. The new hero has a unique ability of Full Fire. By using this ability, she can deal with great damage, and she can dispel a buff before she increases the attack power and attack speed of her allies. Bomb Model
Kanna also has the passive skill of Stance Shift. The QuickFire is also an ability of this hero. By utilizing this skill, the hero attacks rapidly on two enemies. All the three best skills of this hero make the hero more popular. So we can say that it is the best hero and helps you a lot in gameplay due to its best skills.

How to obtain Bomb Model Kanna
Bomb Model Kanna is a collection hero like Furious Yuna, Cartuja, etc. To obtain this new hero, you must complete some missions. After the successful completion of these missions, you will be able to obtain this hero. For this, you to clear the most important
stage of episode 3, the 2-8 Falsehood Fork. You must awaken a hero to 5-star. You need to reach a friendly trust level of position. You also need to complete some other missions like eliminating floating type machinery and gift few fused tier catalysts nerve
It is an easy way to obtain the new 5-star hero. You can complete these missions easily if you have effective farming.

Guild-war Skyward Season
The Skyward is a new ranked season available in Guild Wars after the April Patch of Epic Seven. The players see many changes after this season. After this, you can view your battle results and used heroes in a seasoned log. After this, a previous season tab will be added to the game, and by clicking on this tab you can see the record of the previous season.
After this season, in Guild Members' shop, a star artifact war Horn will be available for players, and they can obtain 6 copies from the shop. It is very beneficial for players, and it increases the attack of allies by 10% and increases 20% of caster combat readiness. So it will be very helpful to you in many ways.

Guild-War Skyward season

Super Maid Queens Super Event
In the April Patch of Epic Seven, a new event is also added in the game. The new event is named Super Maid Queens Super Event. This event helps the players in the gameplay of Epic Seven. This new event is a crafting event, and in this event, you can choose your complete equipment. You can choose main Stat, Set, Sub stat, and Type. It is very important for players because it is difficult to obtain gear without this event.


How to download Epic Seven on PC?
In the above article, we discussed the April Patch of Epic Seven. Epic Seven is popular among world players due to its gameplay and features. People play this game for entertainment purposes. In the world, many people want to download and play this best role playing on their PC and laptop because they know that are many disadvantages to play the game on smartphone-like storage and speed issues. But many people do not know how to download this game on PC. Here we discuss this method. There is a very simple and easy way to download Android games on a PC by installing an Android emulator. Many Android emulators can be used for this purpose, but the best Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer
Like other software, the LDPlayer is also software known as the LDPlayer Android emulator, and its function is to play the Android games and run Android apps on PC. This Android emulator is the best Android emulator among all available Android emulators due to its features. The user can adjust its interface as they wish. It also allows its users to attach external gamepads to play the app smoothly. It updates its settings and version regularly, and it is compatible with all Android versions. You can download and play any Android game on it.

How to download LDPlayer?
LDPlayer Android emulator has a very simple and easy download method, and you can download it without any technical skills. For this purpose, you should follow the below-given steps. The step completely guides you to download LDPlayer.
1. Go to the website of LDPlayer and click on emulator.
2. After clicking, a download button will appear on your screen; click on this button.
3. Your PC or laptop system automatically downloads it.
4. You must install it on your PC or laptop when the downloading process is completed.
5. After installing the LDPlayer, you should visit LDstore and download Epic Seven or other games on your PC.

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