Essential Gardening Supplies: A Complete Guide

Essential Gardening Supplies: A Complete Guide


Essential Gardening Supplies

Investing in gardening supplies can seem overwhelming because you have so many items to choose from. Remember this: start with the most pressing items first, and buy what you need over time.

Gardening can get pricey, especially if you buy high-quality equipment. However, the investment is worth it because gardening offers a wide array of benefits.

For example, gardening reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels in your body, and it improves your mental health. For those with weight loss goals, garden activities can shed pounds quicker than you think.

To be a successful gardener, you need such essentials as gloves, pruning shears, rakes, digging tools, and garden hoes.

This article will highlight these garden tools in greater depth. Read on to know how to be a stellar gardener.

Protective Gloves

As a gardener, you'll be working around hazards in the form of thorny vines, sharp branches, and biting insects. Therefore, find a durable pair of gloves that will protect your skin. At the same time, the gloves should be breathable enough to prevent sweating.

The best lightweight gloves contain nitrate or rubber coating to keep your hands dry. Additionally, the materials foster a stronger grip.

Moreover, your primary work gloves shouldn't be too cumbersome, as you need lightweight gloves for such endeavors as seed-picking. Conversely, reserve thicker gloves for digging or pruning.

Your main gloves should also fit your hands nicely. A well-fitted pair of gloves will prevent slipping that can lead to injury.

Pruning Tools

You'll need heavy-duty and lightweight pruning tools to prune various plants. Pruning tools are important because you must prune regularly to keep plants healthy. With quality pruning equipment, you can achieve the following:

  • Remove dead shrubbery, making way for new growth
  • Keep animal and insect infestations to a minimum
  • Mold the natural shape of the plant

That said, pruning tools have different purposes. If you're pruning a tree, for example, you'll need a pruning saw.

Pruning saws are larger than pruning shears. The saws are also handy enough to saw away tree limbs. It's also long enough to reach branches from afar, thus preventing you from having to climb a ladder.

On the other hand, smaller shears are for pruning bushes or houseplants. To know the best pruning tools that apply to your garden, visit your local garden center for more information.

Hedge Trimmers

If you have hedges or bushes, hedge trimmers will keep them tidy. Ever wonder how bushes and shrubs are molded into artful shapes and designs?

Gardeners and professional landscapers use hedge trimmers and other tools to turn shrubbery into works of art. Also, a hedge trimmer will help you trim the edges and reach inaccessible areas.

If you have a large garden, you can procure a gas-powered trimmer to speed up the process. On the negative side, these types of trimmers tend to be pricey.

Further, they tend to be bulky and harder to manage. This may be a less viable option if you're a beginner.

However, electric trimmers are lightweight, and they're easier to handle. If you don't want electric or gas trimmers, you can purchase standard hedge shears.

Gardening Rakes

Gardeners must consider several types of rakes as well. A standard leaf rake will clean up debris in the form of grass clippings or dead leaves. For smaller spaces, consider a shrub rake.

If you must clean around bushes, for example, the shrub rake's smaller size allows you to rake in debris from tight spots.

Digging Tools

Rakes can tend soil on a surface level, but you'll need digging tools to probe the subsurface. To accomplish this, you need a hand trowel.

You can use a hand trowel to make room for plant containers or dig up weeds. When picking the best trowel, consider what type of soil you're dealing with.

If you're contending with soft soil, purchase a wide-bladed trowel. Conversely, purchase one with a narrow blade if you're dealing with rougher soil.

Regardless of your choice, choose a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel blades last longer, and they're rustproof.

Consider stainless steel for spades as well. This tool is ideal if you must remove sod or dirt. To make your job easier, purchase spades with an ash hardwood grip.

This type of handle will absorb any shock from harsher duties. Further, quality spades contain treads at the edge of the blade, allowing you to handle the spade easier.

However, not all spades come with quality handles or treads. Therefore, consider the best possible spade to get better results.

Garden Hoe

You'll also need a stellar gardening hoe because this instrument absorbs a great deal of shock. When searching for the right garden hoe, look for two main qualities:

  • The hoe should have a long reach
  • The hoe should be sharp and wide

Also, think about what type of gardening you'll engage in. If you're tending a perennial garden, a thin hoe is the best option.

On the other hand, a vegetable garden requires a durable hoe with a wider blade. Regardless, a quality garden hoe loosens the soil more effectively, allowing you to make room for more plants in the process.

Essential Gardening Supplies

As a gardener, there are many other important gardening supplies to consider. Since gardening can be a laborious task, the most important tools include garden hoes, hedge trimmers, and pruning shears. Above all, invest in quality tools that are rustproof and durable.

Interested in reading more? Read more on our blog to gain insight into other gardening topics.


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