Expressions Vinyl Review

Expressions Vinyl Review


Expression Vinyl is an online wholesale specializing about vinyl film.Vinyl is a highly versatile PVC film product that is suiting to crafting, decoration, and scrap booking. This vinyl film has a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on the back that will allow it to adhere to many surfaces from smooth to semi rough.

Expressions Vinyl currently carries two different types of vinyl. The first is made by Oracal. This particular vinyl is Oracal 631 and is very similar to what Cricut sells for their popular machines. This vinyl is compatible with any electronic craft cutter, not just the Cricut. We also carry a product calling “Outdoor Vinyl”. This product is Oracal 651 and is similar to the Oracal 631, but suiting for outdoor applications.

Expression Vinyl is available in an evergrowing selection of colors and they always a full satisfaction guarantee to customer. And of course, they also want to make sure you know how to use your vinyl with your machine, so they have How-To Videos.It also have Project Ideas to make sure you never run out of ideas for your Cricut vinyl.

Oustanding feature at Expression Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl fun and affordable.

Using for making vinyl graphics that transfer onto fabric

Using the top industry rated material from Siser

The most user friendly product on the market

Each 12″x12″ vinyl sheet is waterproof and has a permanent adhesive that will remain vibrant and beautiful for up to 1 year outdoors

UV and abrasion protection

Expression Vinyl Best seller

EasyWeed 12″x12″ Heat Transfer Sheet

Heat transfer vinyl ( T-shirt vinyl, Iron-on vinyl) comes with a heat activated adhesive on one side. The other side (which will be the exposed side upon application has a clear carrier sheet that provides a way to keep everything intact until application. All cuts that need to mirrored(flipped) as you are cutting it from the reverse side. Easyweed heat transfer vinyl is compatible with all personal hobby and craft cutters and using in many applications including shirts, hats, shoes, bags or most anything that can withstand the application temperature.

Expression Vinyl Review from customer

”I always go to Expressions Vinyl when ordering my cricut material because I always get my moneys worth, the shipping comes earlier then expected which is always a plus. And its easy to use the material with my machine”- Marion Luminarias

” The quality of the vinyl is great, but it’s not quite 12″ x 12″ — it was more like 12″ x 11.75″. I’ve ordered many times so I’m not sure why it was smaller than it should be this time. ”- Jamie Fain

”Recently got a few sheets for projects that my son and I were doing. It worked perfectly for what we needed”- Heather Gottfredsen

”Easy to weed, looks great very easy to use”- Amy Sturgill

”These are the best vinyl iron on that I’ve used. They seem to weed super easily, cuts well, and they stay put after ironing”- Dawna

”Works wonderfully”- Carla

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