7 Best Films For Your Polaroid Or Other Instant-Film

7 Best Films For Your Polaroid Or Other Instant-Film

With Polaroid-type cameras enjoying a quiet comeback, there’s a surprisingly large amount of instant film to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best options available for today’s most popular instant cameras.

Impossible Polaroid 600 and Instant Lab Film (Color)

Impossible has designed its paper with older Polaroid 600-type cameras in mind, as well as its own I-1 camera. Images on the paper begin to emerge within two minutes of capture, and they take up to 25 minutes to fully develop. This particular type of paper is designed to produce retro colors, which will please analog photography enthusiasts. Each pack contains eight exposures.

Polaroid Originals Instant Film Color Film

Polaroid’s own Color 600 film captures your photos with rich color, detail, and texture, and of course, it features that iconic white border. This film is made for Polaroid 600 cameras, but it’ll work with i-Type cameras, too. You get eight photos per pack, and they take 10-15 minutes to develop. Polaroid also sells the film for black-and-white photos and also variants with colored frames.

Polaroid ZINK Photo Paper

The ZINK photo paper by Polaroid is eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain ink. The sheets are also smudge-proof, as well as tear- and water-resistant. Available in multiple package sizes, the paper is designed to work with Polaroid’s latest digital instant cameras

Impossible Polaroid 600 and Instant Lab Film (Black/White)

This Polaroid 600-compatible paper is designed to deliver gorgeous, bold, black-and-white photos. Images captured on the paper take between five to 10 minutes to develop. The sheets come with white frames, ensuring that nothing distracts the viewer from the photos that are printed on them. Each package contains eight sheets. 

Fujifilm FP-100C Professional Instant Color Film

The Fujifilm FP-100C instant color film is made to deliver photos with exceptional quality and color reproduction, and photos have enhanced resistance to discoloration. They can also be easily laminated. The paper is compatible with multiple Polaroid models. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome Film

This Fujifilm Instax Mini film variant is designed to deliver monochrome photos, giving Instax camera owners another color dimension to showcase their creativity. Each pack contains 10 exposures.

Polaroid PIC 300 Instant Film

This instant film is compatible with Polaroid PIC-300 instant cameras, and it’s suitable for capturing photos in all light conditions. The final business card-sized color prints feature a nice glossy finish, and with 20 prints included, you’re only paying $1 per shot.

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