Flaunt7 Offshore Hosting Review

Flaunt7 Offshore Hosting Review

What is Flaunt7?

Flaunt7 is one of the Indian organizations, that was established by Vikhyat Singh and Jatin Kaushal. Flaunt7 is a type of web hosting service provider that always promises plants equipped with various kinds of rich features, backups, free migrations. And it also offers the possibility for customers to contact the support team at any time. Flant7 is also named because they like to flaunt the successes they have had.  In the present time, there are various hosting providers that always provide the importance of offshore hosting. And most of the web hosts never bother with offshore hosting or pay very little or no attention at all.

The quality of hosting of flaunt7 and its excellent functionality is worth flaunting over. The cost of the flaunt7 is best for that kind of customer whose budget is tight. Customers can always use one of the enterprise-grade hardware on which Flaunt7 optimizes always plays an essential role in performing remarkably with lightning-fast speed. There is one of the HTTP/2 enabled servers available in flaunt7, which is always considered as the future of the Internet. And the new convention consistently engages Flaunt7 workers to be fast and award steady uptime reaction.

If anybody has knowledge about flaunt7 then they will see that your ever-expanding requirements are always met and can even resist the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. There are some factors that were considered for Flaunt7 review that should let you know are as follows:

Flaunt7 review:

Some flaunt7 reviews factors are:

  • Anonymity
  • Offshore Location
  • Speed
  • Security Offered
  • Acceptance or Rejection


Due to this anonymity, the amount of anonymity offered by Flaunt7 for two purposes like payments, as well as registration.

Offshore Location

The offshore location totally depends on the country of a particular foundation.


There are various real-time speed tests. And with verifiable and transparent results from various locations.

Security Offered

The security offered is occupied as to what security measures the specific foundation provides to its customers.

Acceptance or Rejection

The acceptance or rejection of cryptocurrencies for Payments.

The above information totally indicates that Flaunt7 is a foundation that always working hard to be faster and cheaper than their competitors. There are some of the best and specific things that totally shows why Flaunt7 could be good for the website:

  • Exception performance
  • Top-notch customer support
  • 99.9% uptime response
  • Affordable prices

Exception Performance

Sometimes offshore hosting is more complex than onshore. At that time Flaunt7 does it with the utmost ease. And if the speed of the particular website is crucial then it will always perform well.  Sometimes the page loads will slow. Whenever you see that site is low that time chances are encountering a higher bounce rate. And another benefit of exceptional performance is there are SSD(Solid-state drive) powered servers available in Flaunt7. It always offered fast page loads. Therefore, a specific website is loading at maximum speed.

Flaunt7 works on some protocols and always optimizes the latest protocol such as HTTP/2. HTTP/2 that always enables websites to load multiple pages at once. Therefore, if we talking about performance and speed, then Flaunt7 is definitely excelling.

Top-notch customer support

Due to this top-notch and best customer support, the Flaunt7 team always offers the best solutions. Whenever you are hosting a 6-page blog or a hefty e-commerce website. That time, you are going to require some type of assistance sooner or later. Basically, you want to do the installation process. During the installation and much more work, if you get any kind of problem then contact with Flaunt7 team. Customer support teams are always available around-the-clock to answer each one of the queries. Customers can always reach the Flaunt7 team through live chat, email, support tickets, and so on. They are so friendly and professional.

99.9% uptime response

Sometimes some of the blogs face downtime. Whenever any reader visits a particular blog and they cannot access the website. In this situation, is it possible that they would be keen to re-open it once again? Of course not. The particular site will stay online around-the-clock whenever you want to ensure maximum conversion rates. The uptime and downtime response always depend on the servers. Flaunt7 always works on powerful hardware and is HTTP/2 compatible. Therefore, uptime SLA was better than for that specific problem. Whenever you follow this technique then you will never get any downtime. And if when it did, the inconvenience was sorted at a time.

Affordable prices

The main factors of everyone’s life are money. Offshore and DMCA always ignored hosting solutions are usually more expensive than onshore ones. Whenever the specific foundation is situated in your native country, then the cost will naturally be slightly lower. Flaunt7 was always completely capable of providing decent offshore services at a similar cost. Flaunt7 is also cheaper than some onshore web hosts. Flaunt7 is the best deals for website hosting customers. Some factors are also included in the Flaunt7 prices, and they are given below:

  • Offshore Shared Hosting
  • Offshore Reseller Hosting
  • Offshore VPS Hosting
  • Offshore Dedicated Servers

Pros and Cons of Flaunt7:

There are various pros and cons over the Flaunt7. They are given below:

  • Flaunt7 is offered free-of-cost migration
  • Always get a free SSL certificate and CDN from Cloudflare
  • 24/7 server monitoring.

Cons of Flaunt7:

The backup limit never exceeds more than 2 GB.


Flaunt7 is good for the website using customers. It occupies various things as per the most hot-shot offers. And it is confident in its premium hosting quality. Though unlike most hosts, it always provides true value for your money’s worth. Now, you never need to pay hefty sums of money for offshore hosting solutions anymore. Always get hosted with Flaunt7 and also begin gaining visitors from all across the world. It is so easy. So that you can purchase your desirable hosting package and instantly get migrated or activate the website from scratch within minutes. Flaunt7 always puts the best deal of investment in terms of maintenance and ensuring that they have the best hardware. Refer more about the best website hosting in 2020.

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