7 Fun Yet Practical Gifts For Christmas

7 Fun Yet Practical Gifts For  Christmas

In less than 8 weeks, it will be time for Christmas once again. We for one would be glad to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome a fresh new 2021. 

If you’re like us, chances are you’ve often spent hours scratching your head and searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you’re buying a gift for a spouse, kids, siblings, or parents, it may seem impossible to get the perfect present.

Make the wrong choice and you’ll likely end up watching the recipient of your gift awkwardly try to hide their disappointment. Get it right however, and the sheer joy that lights up their face makes all of the effort seem a little more worthwhile.

To help you this Christmas season, we’ve put together a fun collection of practical yet charming gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Let’s get started with:

1. A touchless toilet flush kit

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s the fact that we can be incredibly vulnerable to the world around us. With so much “business” going on, you’ll want to minimize contact with any and all surfaces in the restroom.

Give your loved ones the gift of hygiene with this touchless toilet flush kit that lets users flush their toilets without having to make contact. These kits are easily installed, fairly affordable, and can be easily found on Amazon.

2. Keyboard cleaner

With the sheer amount of time most of us spend in front of our computers, it’s frightening how filthy our keyboards can really be. On a frightening note, research conducted by the University of Arizona found that keyboards contained 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. 

Dirt, particles of food and other junk often tend to find their way into the tiny spaces between the keys on our keyboards. All of this detritus can be frustratingly hard to clean which is why a keyboard cleaner would be the perfect Christmas gift.

Now that most of us are working from home, it would definitely be in our best interests to keep your keyboards clean.

3. Compost planter

Help your loved ones make the best out of their food waste with a compost planter With lockdowns in effect for most folks, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Compost planters allow you to turn food waste into fertilizer which in turn lets you grow fruits and vegetables to feed yourself.

Besides being an extremely rewarding hobby, compost planters let you make the most out of your food waste and help cut down expenses from having to buy fresh produce.

4. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Safety is the best possible insurance policy - so what other way to show your loved ones you care than by buying them a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. 

Also known as fire alarms, these devices will sound the alarm when any trace of smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. After all, you’ll never know when one of these might save a life someday.

5. Solar charger for USB device

The world can be an unpredictable place and you’ll never know when you need an extra charge. A portable solar charger or solar-powered power bank ensures that your USD devices have plenty of juice even when you are miles away from a power outlet.

Besides being a great device for mountain men and women, a solar charger can be a great addition to have in the car for use in emergencies.

6. A fully equipped toolbox

Gifting somebody an empty toolbox is something only a complete and utter tool would do. Rise above all of that and bless them with a fully equipped toolbox.

From hammers to screwdrivers and nuts and bolts, this is the perfect gift for all those aspiring handymen or women out there. 

7. A jewelry box

If everything goes wrong and you still got an aunt or your grandmother on the list, you can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry. We know, they are not exactly the most pragmatic gifts, but ladies love jewelry (and so do some men!).

Necklaces, rings or earrings, they are nice gifts, which will remind the loved one of you every time they use it.

If you are lost or just too lazy to shop for jewelry, we can give you a hand. Check out FiveBoxes list of the best jewelry subscription boxes and grab some ideas: https://fiveboxes.com/best-jewelry-subscription-boxes/

Final Thoughts

Christmas is the season to be jolly and, as much as everyone loves to receive gifts, we also feel a warmth when we see a friend or relative wrapping our gift and being thrilled on how much thought you had into it.

After an excruciating year, where social distance was advisable, Christmas might be the season when we finally reunite with our loved ones after a while.

So, during this festive season put a smile on the face of your significant others with these awesome yet practical gift ideas.

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