Are You Thinking Of Giving A Splendid Gift This Mother’s Day?

Are You Thinking Of Giving A Splendid Gift This Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a special day of appreciation for all the mothers out there! In normal times, this day would have been celebrated with an outing with family or a nice spa day. But since the pandemic is still not over, this could be a bad idea and do more harm than good! Also, a lot of children are not living with their mothers which makes this celebration a long-distance and most probably a virtual one.

When it comes to long-distance, the first option that comes to mind is getting flowers for Mother’s Day delivered to our mom’s or grandma’s doorstep.

Well, this is not the only thing you can do staying at home! We have created a list of some fun activities that you can do with your mother even if you aren’t near her and it will be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for her.

All these activities might not involve her physically, but all of these are sure to make her feel special and appreciated!


Recreate a family recipe

There is always this one recipe in a family that gets passed down from the ancestors to every generation of the family! Whether it is something sweet or savoury, this recipe is something your mother is proud of.

Get your kids involved (if you have any) is the process of making this recipe. Clock videos and photos and share them with your mother, or simply video call your mom to show the progress and the result. It will be a pleasant surprise for her!

Make a wreath at home!

Making a wreath is a very common yet very personal activity. Plan out a day with all the kids and grownups of the family that is only dedicated to creating wreaths.

You can easily make a wreath from rags of old cloth pieces and it will look so divine! Wrap pieces of cloth around the shape of the foam wreath you wish to give to your mother and she will keep it with her forever!

Make a playlist just for your mom

Playlists are extremely underrated forms of gifts. Music is extremely intimate and can send across a message which you are too shy to convey through words.

Create a special playlist for your mom that consists of not only her favourite songs but also songs that you would like her to listen to! hearing these songs, she will understand how much you love and appreciate her.

Watch a movie together!

You must have spent a lot of time in front of the TV screen throughout the pandemic. Now that you have done everything, try watching something with your mother!

Plan a day when you both are free and can spend time watching a movie together. you can either decide a common time when you start watching the movie together, or just join a video call where you can show her the movie from your side.

This will make for a fun indoor time and you can also interact in between the movie about the characters at hand.

Bake together

Again, you both could be together or away from each other because of the pandemic all around. A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to bake with your mother be it in real-time or even virtual!

If you are fortunate enough to be staying with your mother, it is the best opportunity to get in the kitchen with your mother and learn a few tips and tricks here and there. You can also show off the culinary skills you might be having.

She is bound to have a pretty fun time baking with you unless you don’t cause a lot of mess! But it will be an experience worth remembering every time you or your mom go to bake!

Be it a real or a virtual party, Mother’s Day is a day that must be celebrated with a lot of energy since it is a celebration of motherhood! Even if you are not able to celebrate this day lavishly, you can always go for a Mother’s Day cake delivery.

Whatever the scenario, don’t forget to wish your mother a happy Mother’s Day and wish for her thriving future!

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