Start Your Business With The Gojek Clone App And Become The King Of The Industry

Start Your Business With The Gojek Clone App And Become The King Of The Industry

If you are reading this blog, I guess it is safe to assume that you are already aware of the tremendous potential of the Gojek App business model. You may have already studied the epic rise of this unicorn business followed its trajectory from a bike taxi business to a full-fledged multi-service business.

If you have been harboring a dream to make the most of your capital and turn it into a multi-service type of a business empire then you are at the right place. Today, we will discuss some of the most important things that you must know when you plan to start an app-based multi-service business and the easiest way to ensure that you minimize your expenses and maximize your profits.

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Does this business hinge on an app?

The first thing that you must understand about the on-demand nature of businesses is that it is completely and entirely dependent on an application. The whole idea behind it is to make sure that no one has to depend on phone calls or run from one place to another to find the right service provider. The app becomes a nodal hub of information, communication, payment, and delivery of service which eliminates the need for any in-between confusions.

This is why; if you wish to proceed with such a business, you have to ensure that you get the right kind of app for it. There are, of course, a few different companies that have cropped up in the recent past which have adopted the model of Gojek; however, the safest bet for an all-inclusive service app is the Gojek clone app.

Understanding what the Gojek Clone is?

The Gojek app is the primary app that we will look at to understand what the clone is. When someone clones the app, they basically break down the code of the primary app (in this case, the Gojek app), and then they rebuilt the entire code of the app based on that.

Each screen, each step, and each functionality is carefully designed and coded to ensure the best output is delivered. Now, please note cloning is not just copy and paste. There a lot of hard work involved. A team of developers can not under any circumstances, simply catch the code of an existing app and simply copy it word for word.

They have to undertake the entire process of development. This means, that even though, cloning involves (and implies) some sort of recreation, it also depends heavily on complete development. This is why; building an app from scratch can be a challenging feat.

Another thing to note is that when the app is developed even during the cloning phase, the developers are free to add their own code lines to the app, thereby enhancing and updating it. This allows developers to make such apps customizable. Therefore, while the Gojek on-demand multi-service app is the primary app and the key to the whole thing, the Gojek Clone app becomes even better than the primary app.

What are the various parts that make a Gojek Clone app successful?

The Gojek Clone app should have 4 essential sections. These encompass every kind of service that a user may need. Let us look at each of these sections in a little detail.

1. Ride

This is the section that deals with ride booking. Now, while Gojek specializes in bike taxis, the Gojek clone app is a combination app. It would allow users to look for the kind of ride they are interested in. So, a user may select a bike, car, truck, or SUV based on their requirements.

2. Parcel / Courier Delivery (Single delivery & multiple deliveries)

This section deals with sending parcels from one place to another. The user can select the type of delivery method based on the dimensions and weight of the parcel that they wish to send across. They can also choose to get multiple parcels delivered using a single booking.

3. Store-based Delivery or Shop + Deliver All

Enabling your users to shop using the app and then getting the products delivered to the doorstep is a very useful feature. This section of the app will allow users to place orders for food, grocery, bakery items, pharmacy items, and much more.

4. On-Demand multi Services (60+ services)

This section is the part of the app that will allow users to book and hire services ranging from an on-demand plumber, on-demand electrician, on-demand beautician, on-demand massage therapist, etc.


To become the king of a business like the Multi services enterprise, you must make sure that you start your own Gojek Clone app-based business. Look for a white label mobile app development company that has a great ready-made app for you!

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