7 Google Chrome Issues And How To Resolve Them

7 Google Chrome Issues And How To Resolve Them

Google Chrome has become the browser of choice for millions of users worldwide in recent years. While Internet Explorer continues to have the most users due to legacy installs, Chrome has been steadily closing the gap since its introduction in 2008.

It began as a simple and lightweight browser, but more and more flaws have emerged as it has expanded.

You've come to the correct spot if you're having issues. In this article, we will look at some of the most common failings and provide advice on fixing them.

Extensions Installed

You have specific extensions installed, which is decreasing overall performance.

  1. Go to the More button in the upper right corner to deactivate any extensions or add-ons. It is represented as three vertical dots stacked one on top of the other. 

  2. Select MORE TOOLS from the drop-down menu after clicking on it.

  3. Select EXTENSIONS from the second drop-down menu. This will create a new tab with a list of all the installed extensions. 

  4. DISABLE or REMOVE any that you believe are interfering with performance.

The System has a Faulty Data Cache

If you do not clear the data cache regularly, cookies and data can accumulate, and any damaged store can degrade performance. 

  1. Go to the MORE button on the top right and choose SETTINGS from the drop-down menu to remove the Chrome cache.

  2. It will open a new tab, and you will need to click on the YOU AND GOOGLE option, then scroll down till you locate the PRIVACY AND SECURITY option. 

  3. You can clear simply the browsing data, only the cache, cookies, or both.

When you erase your browsing history in Google Chrome, it asks you how long you want to clean your account. You can select this based on your need.

Autofill is not Functioning Properly

The autofill function is truly a blessing since it not only remembers previous websites, which you do not, but it also saves you from having to write the full name. If the device's autofill isn't working, the first issue might be the wrong network. To deliver dynamic inputs, autofill relies on a reliable and robust network.

If you have a solid connection, the autofill may be turned off. Navigate to MORE and select SETTINGS from the drop-down menu to activate it. A new tab is opened, and you'll see the AUTOFILL tab and be sent to the autofill area. You may toggle it on or off for different headers such as Payment methods, addresses, URLs, and passwords.

Video not Playing in Chrome

If you visit a site with a video and your browser cannot play it, it might be due to a broken link on the website or a problem with your system. Check that your data connection is steady.

Check to see whether you have a flash player installed on your machine since it supports most videos. Another explanation for videos not playing is that JavaScript is turned off.

To activate JavaScript in Chrome, click the MORE button and pick the SETTINGS option from the drop-down list. Click ADVANCED on the newly displayed settings box. You'll see an option called JAVASCRIPT under this heading.

Google Chrome has a Frozen Window

In Chrome, a frozen or unresponsive tab may be highly inconvenient. 

  1. Right-click on the STATUS BAR and pick TASK MANAGER from the menu to quit the app entirely. 

  2. The task manager appears, and by selecting Google Chrome, you may click END PROGRAM.

  3. When you reopen Chrome, it will ask if you want to go back to the previous pages, and you may just choose YES. 

  4. Another option is to hit SHIFT + ESC on your keyboard without quitting Chrome. This will just launch the Chrome task manager, select the particular tab, and click on END PROCESS.

If the problem persists, the issue might be with the web page itself. You can even face the the error like “this site cannot be reached” which you can try to fix with this information present on ValidEdge.

Data Import into Chrome

Suppose you're a new Google Chrome user who switched from another program. In that case, you're likely to have a large cache of previously stored data, such as bookmarks, passwords, payment methods, and autofill data.

There is no need to go through them again when you use Chrome. You can easily import them in a single step!

Paste Chrome://settings/import data into the search bar and press ENTER. This will open a dialogue box labeled "Import bookmarks and settings." Select the previous browser from the drop-down menu you wish to import data. Click OKAY after checking or unchecking the bookmarks. All data will be imported in a matter of minutes.

Google Chrome Profile Does not Open Properly

Chrome allows users to create their profiles, allowing several users to utilize the same browser while preserving independent data caches. If you encounter the error notice "Your profile could not be opened correctly," just remove and re-add your Google Chrome profile. Your data is still kept in the Google database, so there is no need to panic.

  1. Make sure CHROME SYNC is turned on before uninstalling it. 

  2. Choose MORE and then SETTINGS from the drop-down menu to erase your Chrome profile. 

  3. Sign in to your account and choose to DISCONNECT YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT from the newly available option.

  4. A warning message appears on the screen, and you can choose to remove your bookmarks, passwords, etc. Then press the DISCONNECT button.

  5. Now, navigate to the My Computer icon and type the following into the address bar: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\(USERNAME)

  6. This will lead you to the folder containing all the WEB DATA FILES. DELETE the WEB DATA folder when you've found it. 

You may now reopen Google Chrome and sign in to your account again.

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