Growthoid Review & User Ratings

Growthoid Review & User Ratings

I had spent a considerable amount of time researching different Instagram growth agencies to help boost my IG and, subsequently, my business. I knew all too well that concentrating on my Instagram was a pretty sure-fire way of ensuring that my company saw as much growth as feasibly possible. The problem, more than anything, was knowing which one to choose.

Anyone who has looked into the options available when it comes to growing their Instagram knows that it can become VERY confusing. Simply because of the sheer amount of options available to you, all promising to grow your IG more than the company before. For me, it all came down to checking reviews. Problem was, the ones I saw were fake. And here starts my review of Growthoid….


What is Growthoid?

Growthoid is an Instagram growth agency that claims to be number 1 on the market. Where they got these statistics from I have no idea, as they definitely did not supply me with a top- notch service. Growthoid’s website claims that they get you organic growth, human-powered, with no bots or fakes. They offer two different packages (see pricing below) and make everything seem relatively easy and straight-forward, hence why so many people fall for it. I later found out about a company called FollowFox who fixed the mess that Growthoid made and actually grew my Instagram with real, organic growth. 

How Does Growthoid Really Work?

Despite the information given on their website, how Growthoid REALLY works differs entirely from their clever home page. The three steps they claim to use to secure your IG growth aren’t a real reflection of reality. The first one - creating a list of accounts that have a similar interest to your audience, so they are able to target such pages - is true in essence. You’ll submit a list of the types of accounts you want to attract, but unfortunately, bots will most probably be used to interact with these accounts. 

The next stage, where Growthoid claims to MANUALLY grab the attention of these pages isn’t something I ever saw. It was all bots and fake accounts, as the majority of real reviews back up. Their last step, where it says “get Instagram followers” is, again, not as clear cut as it seems. You may have achieved IG growth, but you’ll find that the majority of these accounts are fake and used by bots. Not exactly what you need to help group your business or IG page!

Growthoid Pricing

As mentioned above, Growthoid offers two different pricing packages. Standard and Premium. This is another thing that makes Growthoid’s service attractive to potential customers - their prices are very competitive and potentially among the cheapest on the market - in retrospect, this should have raised some red flags. Their Standard package comes in at $49 a month and is listed as “an affordable entry point for anyone looking to grow their Instagram account - unlock most features and standard support!”. Their Premium package is listed as “The best version of any Instagram growth, ever. Used by our most serious clients - unlock all features and priority support!” Again, very convincing language and easy to fall for at $99 a month. They also claim that both of these rates are discounted. 

What Should I Do If I Get Scammed By Growthoid?

It’s probably not a question of if, but when. Sorry to say! Review after review of Growthoid states the way that Growthoid has scammed them and, to make matters worse, they are unable to make contact with the Growthoid team to cancel their subscription or claim back money, meaning people are left with a direct debit coming out of their account every month with no way to cancel it. This is exactly what happened to me, and I think I may have found a solution. I managed to locate Growthoid’s payment provider,, and contacted them directly; which, if you end up facing the same problem, you should try too. Email them directly at and they will help you. 

A Review Of Growthoid

It’s hard to offer a positives vs negatives type of review for Growthoid after experiencing such terrible service from them and seeing my own IG full of fake accounts and bots. But who knows? Maybe not everyone will receive such terrible service as I did. Nonetheless, I shall try to list the pros and cons.


  • Their homepage is relatively clear and straight-forward in terms of taking in the information they are providing 

  • We have discovered a way to cancel your subscription, should you encounter the same problems that I, together with countless others, have encountered. 

  • They offer a free 3-day trial.


  • Dishonest service. The way they describe their service as working is entirely inaccurate and misleading. From my experience, they do NOT use human-powered methods to grow your Instagram, and instead use dangerous bots and fake accounts. This could prove detrimental to your IG account as opposed to beneficial. 

  • Very difficult to contact their customer service team. Despite saying that they will be available to answer your questions and help you, it is near impossible to make contact with anybody from their team. 

  • Increases the risk of having your Instagram account banned. The detected use of bots and fake accounts is something Instagram is super hot on. If this is detected, there is a chance you’ll have your account blocked. 

  • Non-organic growth. Even if you do see growth to your account, chances are that the accounts won’t have any interest in your page at all - that’s if they’re even real!

Is Growthoid Safe To Use? Is It A Scam?

It would be unethical of me to say that Growthoid is safe to use, even if others may have had good experiences with it. The majority of real reviews and information online confirms that Growthoid is, for the most part, a scam. When you pay money for a service and do not receive what you were promised, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. What makes it worse, still, is not even being able to claim your money back or cancel your subscription, in large part due to not being able to make contact with anybody from the company. As mentioned above, we have now found a way around this, but I advise you to avoid Growthoid at all costs, and try to look for an honest, genuine Instagram growth agency, because they do exist! 

Growthoid User Reviews

The problem we’re seeing online nowadays is that there are so many paid, fake reviews that it’s hard to know what is legitimate and what isn’t. However, a tip to follow is to look at the language being used. If it’s similar in each review, and says nothing but good things, there’s a high-chance they either wrote these themselves or paid somebody to do it. 

The majority of the genuine reviews of Growthoid are negative. 

A few examples from TrustPilot:



Review Summary

As I have stated throughout my review, I couldn’t possibly recommend anybody using Growthoid as I cannot think for the life of me why anybody would find their ‘service’ beneficial. In fact, Growthoid has the high probability of actually making your IG worse off than it was before you acquired their services. Fake accounts, bots and no regard for the types of followers you actually need, Growthoid can really put your IG in jeopardy. Instead, opt for FollowFox, a genuine IG growth agency that uses REAL people to attract REAL IG accounts. They have fantastic customer service and go out of their way to do everything they can to help you. 

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