Habitat Furnishings Review

Habitat Furnishings Review

About Habitat Furnishings

About Habitat Furnishings was established in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been manufacturing the industry’s finest water bed systems since 1983. The brand has also been building an outstanding line of digital air our knowledge of flotation sleep science and integrating them into the unique air bed designs. They use only the finest components in air bed systems, including premium grade memory foam, natural latex, high-density foam, and our top of the line Innomax pump and air chamber system, also made in the U.S.A.

Things you would love at Habitat Furnishings

Habitat Furnishings mattresses offer the best comfort, durability, soft and thick cast iron to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The mattresses not only offer comfort but they have the best designs and styles that go from the traditional to the contemporary. The unique collection that presents a variety of refined and ecstatic patterns offers visual attractions. The internal spring or foam manufactured by experts provides luxurious comfort and exceptional support.

The durability of the Habitat Furnishings airbeds is constant and its beauty is also directly proportional! With three options available to choose from, the ball is on the client’s court to find the right comfort.

The current models of Habitat Furnishings mattresses are Luxury and Elite and iAdapt. All type of mattresses offers the best collection; Whether it’s the look they envy or the body’s content, it ensures that you sleep well and wake up happy and rejuvenated.

How to choose the mattress that suits your needs

If you are wondering how to carefully choose the best mattress for you, here are some tips to help you:

1) Go to the Store to Choose it:

It is very important to go there to choose your mattress. You will not have any unpleasant surprises when you buy it.

2) Test the mattress yourself:

Once you’re in the store, what could be easier than trying the mattress you like? It is really necessary to lie in it to realize how comfortable it is for you.

3) Look at the mattress reviews:

Sometimes it may be more convenient to buy your mattress online, and in this case it is strongly recommended to check the comments on the Internet.

Before entering the store, feel free to see the best mattress reviews. Of course, it’s great to try the mattress yourself, but knowing which mattresses are best qualified by reading reviews and testimonials is even better!

4) Dare to the new:

Even if it can be an additional cost, do not hesitate to buy a mattress with accessories (sheets sets, mattress covers, heating sheets). All this may seem like a contraption, but it is far from it, and with it you will sleep like a child. Adjustable beds and viscoelastic mattresses are also inventions worth trying.

5) Imitate the Swedes for a double bed:

Airbeds prefer to use two single beds that are glued together and covered with a mattress so that each mattress is suitable for each person. For example, if Monsieur is strong enough and Madame is thin, he will prefer a hard mattress and she will prefer a soft mattress. And so, everyone can sleep peacefully and comfortably.

6) Keep the mattress (after buying your mattress)

If you want to enjoy your comfort for many years, the mattress should be maintained and this is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep and avoid allergies. So remember to regularly vacuum the mattress (to vacuum dust mites), ventilate it about once a week. It is also advisable to place a sheet under your mattress to protect it from perspiration.

If you have a foam mattress, it requires almost no maintenance. On the other hand, for a spring mattress, it is good to turn it from time to time to equalize the wear, approximately every three months and also avoid bending it because it will wear much faster.



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