Can You Hack An Electric Bike?

Can You Hack An Electric Bike?

Let's face it; you have probably wondered about the techniques you can use to hack an electronic bike. If you have used one before, you will have realized the unique feeling you get from pedaling with electronic assistance. 

While e-bikes offer various sustainability benefits, they are not as effective as gas-powered alternatives. Most e-bikes have a 25km/h speed limit, and multiple governments have strict laws surrounding any modifications you make to such a bike. However, it's still possible, and this guide gives a quick run down into the topic.

Is It Possible to Hack an Electric Bike?

Yes, it's possible to hack an electronic bike. In today’s e-bike word, the term ‘’hacking’’ describes ways that e-bike owners and sellers use to enable their bikes to go over the allowed speed limit. 

It doesn’t include any crazy cool scenarios where hackers try to kill someone by hacking an electronic bike with apps to track cell phones or computers. Electric bikes are very difficult, if not impossible to manipulate in that way. 

Let’s get back to speed manipulation.

Bear in mind that you must be careful because it involves different measures, state laws, and challenges. Here are the common techniques for hacking an electronic bike

Manually Delimiting an E-Bike

Using this approach is handy and is only suitable for specific models of e-bikes. It's also common because the delimitation process doesn't involve any technical procedures. The best way to complete this process is to find a sensor and magnet in the e-bike. The sensors are the component that sits at the base of the frame, and the magnet exits in the rear wheel section.

You should note the size of the bike wheel plays a role in its overall speed levels. Therefore, removing the magnet from the wheel will help improve the number of turns the magnet can make. So, if you want the controller to provide a lower reading, it will not trigger the speed limit issue. The steps involved include:

1.    Detach the sensor and magnet from your bike.

2.    Locate the pedal bracket, and connect the magnet to this section.

3.    Then, adjust the sensor such that it faces the magnet.

4.    The process is complete.

Using an eBike Tool Kit

Today, most e-bike owners have been appalled by the 25km/ speed limit. For most riders, this issue compromises their ability to bike as required, especially as these are electronic machines. 

Some third brands have taken advantage of this issue by creating tools to remove the delimiting functions. You should realize these kits come in two types. These are the types that require assembly and the types that are ready to use.

These kits function in the same ways as the manual delimitation technique – that is, it involves manipulating speed data. However, since it's an efficient method, it's also easy for you to revert to the initial settings available with the bike.

Challenges in Hacking an Electric Bike

There are various challenges in hacking an electronic bike, including:

1.    The battery duration decreases significantly when you move at fast speeds. The reason is that the e-bike works harder to produce energy for hitting the speed limits.

2.    The is a concession among various EU member countries relating to the no tax, licensing, and insuring such bikes. So, you might have to research further on the laws surrounding your e-bike modifications rules.

Be careful when you want to modify an e-bike because it involves specific procedures, and various governments are against it. It is still possible for you to modify the bikes and the variations of techniques you can use successfully are immense.

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