Top Fashionable Hair Colors 2019

Top Fashionable Hair Colors 2019

Chestnut Brown and Gold

Chestnut brown is a popular brown tone and is suitable for everyone, no matter what skin you own, you don’t need to wonder when deciding to dye chestnut brown hair because it doesn’t pick up the makeup and tone the makeup.

Inky Black

This color works well on darker and neutral skin tones. Inky black hair is expaected to become a major statement color in 2019. 

Ash Gray

Ash Grey color is perfect choice for bright-skin girls. It brings you a unique and fashinable style, attracting every look at everywhere you go.

Pastel Pink

This is the dyed hair color that brings you a gentle, charming image with a dreamy part, it also confirms a little personality of the hair owner. You are able to make lots of hairstyles and easily combine with other colors.


Blonde hair is toned with light skin. If your skin is not white but very “lemon”, you should choose a hair style with sophisticated trim to create your own style.

Strawberry blonde

Think of this hue as the perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper. With plenty of dimension and shine, this creamy shade is the subtle way to tiptoe into the red without fully committing.

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