How To Choose Right Hair Conditioner For Different Hair Types

How To Choose Right Hair Conditioner For Different Hair Types

One of the essential steps in any hair care routine is using a hair conditioner. You might pick any random fancy designed conditioner or use conditioners that come free with your shampoo bottle but if they are not formulated for your hair type, you will end up with frizzy, dry, and rough hair. You need to understand your hair type and pick the right conditioner. There are a variety of hair conditioners for men and women specifically formulated for various hair conditions. Choosing a suitable hair conditioner for your hair type can reduce tangles, boost hair shine, eliminate static, and make your hair more manageable.

Here are seven types of conditioner formulated for various hair types.

7 Conditioner For Different Hair Type

1. Leave-In Conditioners

  • Packed with ingredients like humectants, quats and low molecular weight silicones, leave-in conditioners are perfect for a light wash. Leave-in conditioners don't let your hair weigh down. Compared to other types of conditioners, the texture of leave-in conditioners is lighter. Though the solution feels and appears to be weightless, you shouldn't overuse it. Excessive wash can lead to limp hair.




Best For:

• Rough hair

• Fine hair

• For tangled hair

• Frizzy hair

2. Rinse Out Conditioners

  • Rinse out conditioners are one of the most common types of conditioners available in the market. These conditioners are to be used with shampoo of a similar range. For instance, if you are using a shampoo formulated specifically for oily hair, then you need to use a conditioner made for a similar hair type. These formulas contain fatty alcohols and high molecular weight silicones, thus you should rinse out properly after applying.
  • Using rinse our conditioners make things convenient for you in terms of combing and managing your hair, leaving them smoother and shinier after application. It is considered one of the best hair conditioners for natural hair. Avoid applying this type of conditioner directly onto your scalp, as it will weigh down your hair and make the scalp surface greasy.

Best For:

• Thick hair

• Normal hair

3. Protein-Infused Conditioners

  • Protein-infused conditioners contain keratin that prevents oil formation, breakage and deeply nourishes your hair. Sometimes excessive shampooing can lead to the loss of some essential protein from your hair. Using protein-infused conditioners will keep the protein level intact and provide nourishment to frizzy or curly hair.

Best For:

• Oily scalp

• Dry hair

• Frizzy hair

• Undernourished hair

4. Hydrating Conditioners

  • Such types of conditioners help rejuvenate your hair from roots and lock the moisture in. Hydrating conditioners are one of the best hair conditioners for dry hair types.

Best For:

• Damaged hair

• Dull hair

• Dry hair

Brittle hair

5. Moisturising Conditioners

  • Moisturising conditioners are specially formulated for curly hair, keeping curls well managed. Using this conditioner will keep the dryness under check and retain the curly shape.

Best For:

• Curly hair

• Tangled hair

• Dry and rough

6. Volumizing Conditioners

  • Volumizing conditioners help reduce hair fall and strengthen the roots. Using this type of conditioner will offer a fuller and voluminous appearance to your hair.


Best For:

• Thin and fine hair

• Brittle hair

• Damaged hair

7. Colour Care Conditioner

  • Colour care conditioners are specially formulated to protect your hair colour from outside elements and help retain natural shine.

While buying the right hair conditioner, always check the ingredient and choose the one made for your hair type. If you need to buy quality hair and beauty supplies, shop from Bellezza. Check out their beauty and hair supply at Belleza.

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