Hakuna Supply Reviews: High Quality And More

Hakuna Supply Reviews: High Quality And More

About Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply is an award winning lifestyle company built around
the circle of life. Hakuna Supply focuses on responsibility – meaning you can buy products from Hakuna Supply without worrying, they know what they were made to serve communities and environment.

Based in Los Angeles, Hakuna Supply provides exclusive Cannabis Storage, Trays, and Accessories.

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Things you would love

As a well-known company in herbal storage, trays, and accessories. Hakuna Supply is dedicated to work with integrity at every step of the process. From assembly, to landing at your door you can rest assured that the products will be at high quality level and the customer service will be exceptional.

All stash boxes are crafted from wood or faux leather and include high quality accessories. Each stash box comes with plantable seed tags which includes a mixture of black pine, yellow pine, and spruce tree seeds.

Stop worrying, grab your hakuna, and join in our problem free philosophy!

All products contain less than 0.03% THC

Customers reviews

Published by Mike Dovey

I recently ordered the signature box, and let me assure you, it’s most definitely worth it! I live in England and so ordering through Amazon (com not co uk) was the only way to get a Hakuna box. I’d been doing a lot of research and really liked the Hakuna boxes from what I could see online, and so when I saw some of the products were eligible for shipping to the UK I was super happy. The box took about 2 weeks to arrive which is pretty good, and Amazon included all shipping charges in the original cost so I wasn’t stung with extra charges when it arrived. Unfortunately, one of the jars was cracked, although I got in touch and they immediately arranged for a new one to be sent out. Awesome! Really happy all round. Definitely recommended, you won’t be disappointed!

Published by Deborah Spillers

Just the people are fuckin Awesome !
They were with me all the way, totally blew me away, Thank you,
P.S. You Rock !!

Published by Kimberly Porter

I love the quality and price of their products, can’t wait too order more.

Published by Penny Lorsung

pipes are nice . looks great . size rite . smokes awsome

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