Best Halloween Costumes For Babies And Preschoolers

Best Halloween Costumes For Babies And Preschoolers

With Halloween just around the corner, many parents are considering costumes for their kids. Children love Halloween as they get to dress up and go trick or treating. Halloween costume parties start as early as preschool and continue all through elementary and high school. Of course, Halloween costume parties differ in these age periods. Somehow, it seems that toddlers are the ones who enjoy them the most. Parents face a default task each year when it comes to costume choice. Often, they want to look outside the box for fresh and innovative costume ideas. We’ve prepared a list of the 16 best Halloween costumes for babies and preschoolers, so take a look.

We’ve categorized the costumes into four groups: popular heroes and heroines, beloved princesses and other TV characters, and scary and miscellaneous costumes. We’ll mention a few plausible costume ideas in each category.

Popular heroes and heroines

Usually, kids love heroes and heroines, they find their powers amazing and fun. They develop this love through watching cartoons and movies from an early age. It’s no wonder many kids want to dress up as their favourite heroes and heroines. Here are a few popular choices.

Spiderman costume

If your kid loves everything Spiderman, he (or she) will definitely want to be one for the upcoming Halloween. There are various different versions of the Spiderman costume, so find the one that’s most suitable. You can either rent one in a local store or order one online. If you’re handy and creative, you can even create a DIY one and add a personal touch to make it even more amusing.

Captain America costume

Next on the list of popular hero costumes is Captain America. If your kid is a fan of the Marvel Universe, then this could be a great costume choice. Kids love that they can carry a prop - his shield. There are other popular characters you can use as inspiration: Thor, Ironman and the Hulk being just some of them. There are also many female characters - one of them is Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel costume

Ms Marvel is one of the most popular female characters from the Marvel Universe. Girls love this colourful costume and her powers. It makes them feel confident and capable of doing and achieving anything. You can order this costume online.

Superman costume

From the DC Universe, the title for the most popular costumes goes to one and only - Superman. There are several versions of the costume, also suitable for little Supergirls.

Beloved princesses and other TV characters

The next costume category includes princesses and TV characters. It’s been really popular lately to go beyond the typical Disney princess framework and opt for some TV characters instead. There are countless options when it comes to popular kids' TV characters - you can dress up your kid in any character your kid likes.

Minions costume

Kids often love Minions as they find them adorable. If you have two or three kids, you can dress them all in Minions costumes.

Baby Joda costume

Baby Joda's costume is so cute that you want to dress your baby in it, even though it can’t go trick or treating! Instead of dressing your baby in everyday baby clothes, consider dressing it in a costume. It is fun, your baby will look adorable and you can organize a photo session.

Mirabel costume

Mirabel Madrigal is a beloved character from Disney’s Encanto movie. Girls went crazy for this movie - if your girl is one of these girls, you can consider this costume for the upcoming Halloween party at her preschool.

Mavis costume

The comic movie Hotel Transylvania has been a movie favourite for whole families worldwide. No wonder some kids want to dress as characters such as Count Dracula or Mavis.

Scary costumes

Some kids are scared of scary costumes, while others embrace them. If your kid is one of the ‘embracing’ kind, you can consider some scary costume options such as a skeleton, vampire, zombie or perhaps a scary movie character such as Wednesday Addams. The best thing of all is that you can create all of these costumes easily at home. It can be a great bonding family activity.

Miscellaneous costumes

When it comes to the miscellaneous category of costumes, it is really a category with all kinds of crazy and unique costume ideas. Some parents went a long way and dressed their kids as frappuccinos or devilled eggs. Which is pretty one-of-a-kind, you must admit. Others are more for light-up unicorn costumes or inflatable dinosaur costumes. The sky is the limit! The more creative the costume, the higher the chance that your kid will win a prize for the most creative costume in their preschool. Don’t do all the work yourself, let your kids express their ideas.

Even though getting ready for a Halloween party can be a bit overwhelming, due to all your regular ongoing work and household obligations, it can be fun if you are well-organized. You should enjoy the process together with your kids.

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