5 Hand Dryer Ideas For Your Public Restroom

 5 Hand Dryer Ideas For Your Public Restroom

Hand drying solutions are necessities for any facility’s public restroom. As a consumer, there’s nothing worse than walking into a restroom that has scrunched-up damp paper towels everywhere and a hand dryer that isn’t working. That’s why it’s important for business owners to carefully consider their hand drying solutions by optimizing them according to traffic, efficiency, and durability. There are more types of electric hand dryers available in the market than meets the eye. Here are our recommendations for choosing hand dryers for public washrooms of any facility. 

Automated Hand Dryers

It’s safe to say that the era for manual hand dryers that function with a press of a button is coming to a close. Not only do they have an additional step in the hand drying process, but the button itself is home to bacteria collection from bypassers. That’s why opting for electric, automatic hand dryers is ideal for all facilities compared to manual ones. It’s also an undeniable fact that automated hand dryers are favored by users since they function simply by detecting the presence of hands nearby, making the process quick and efficient with the elimination of an extra step. 

Energy-efficient Models

Whether you own a facility with just one public restroom or several, the numbers add up on the bottom of your energy bill at the end of the month. That’s why we recommend opting for energy-efficient models of hand dryers to cut down on the costs for your facility, save energy, and utilize a greener approach to hand drying any way that we can. Typically, high-speed hand dryers are energy-efficient since they do not use a heating mechanism and run on cold air. You may be wondering why choose hand dryers at all? Aren’t paper towels as energy efficient as they get? While paper towels don’t take up any energy, they come with a variety of shortcomings. That includes needing to be restocked daily, they are prone to cluttering a restroom since people use them haphazardly, and not to mention how many trees are cut each year to support stocking public restrooms with paper towels. 

High-Speed vs Conventional

Which primary type of hand dryer to go for? There really isn’t a right or wrong choice since both half their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them. High-speed models are great for high traffic areas since they decrease the average hand drying time down to only a couple of seconds. They are typically energy-efficient and blow cold air, but make a lot of noise. Conventional hand dryers are better choices for low-traffic restrooms since they make significantly less noise but take a few seconds longer to fully ensure dried hands. Conventional dryers blow out warm air and can be energy-efficient or not depending on the model. 

Hands-in Hand Dryers

We’re seeing more and more hand dryer models that prompt users to put their hands inside the specialized compartment to dry their hands. These are known as hands-in hand dryers and they are built to collect water droplets as they fall during the hand drying process. This small additional feature keeps restroom floors dry and clean, decreasing the number of slip and fall accidents in the restrooms and not letting the space look vastly untidy. These are certainly a great choice for you to consider for any restroom, especially disabled and special needs restrooms. 

Vandal-proof Shells

If you want to stock a high-traffic restroom with hand dryers, try to find models that have a vandal-proof shell. That will ensure the longevity of your appliance and decrease tampering from everyday bypassers. It certainly is a feature worth taking advantage of if you have the opportunity to acquire such a model. Not all hand dryers are vandal-proof, but they are commonly made with a sturdy outer shell. Typically, models made of brushed stainless steel are a good choice as compared to others. If you have a low-traffic restroom then it is not necessary to go out of your way to get a vandal-proof model but it is still a plus if you decide to do so. 

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