How To Work With Hashtags On Instagram So That They Are Useful?

How To Work With Hashtags On Instagram So That They Are Useful?

Every Instagram account owner, especially if it's a business account, wants as many people as possible to visit his page. People spend a lot of time and energy on quality photos, filming and editing videos, and writing engaging texts. But all this may go unnoticed by most of the users of the social network. You can spend money on paid advertising. But there is an easier way – this is to use relevant hashtags for promotion. This is still relevant this year and will definitely work in 2022.

How to generate hashtags and use them correctly

Working on hashtags takes time. You need to first analyze your target audience (or your competitors' audience if you're just starting out). You also need to draw up a content plan and determine what you will post on your page. Only then you can generate hashtags. But you can't just take the most popular ones in the hopes of reaching millions of users in one day. Or you can use a free hashtag generator, for example, Inflact. This online tool will pick up the tags you want in a few seconds.

When you have received a set of hashtags, you probably wonder, how and where should you use them? Here are some options:

  • Profile header. Instagram provides the opportunity to use tags in the profile header, with no limit on the number. This function can be used for navigation or sales. Use hashtags for the expert heading to draw attention to the main subject of your profile. It might be interesting to new audiences because it is useful, and perhaps quickly solves the subscriber’s problem. If you have a commercial profile (salons, shops, beauty studios, etc.), then you can use this tag to leave links to cases, reviews, events, etc., which can push a potential client to buy.

  • Posts. You can use hashtags directly in the text, or in the comments. The experts say the place (post or comment) does not affect the reach. So do as you please. Look visually at your publication. If you have a long text, the continuation of which is in a carousel, then hashtags can be distracting. But if you have a short post, you can leave them at the end. You shouldn't use a lot of hashtags, it's ugly. It is also better not to use more than 30.

  • Stories. Instagram Stories have a special sticker that is designed to use the hashtag. You can only add one such sticker per Story. But if you use text, then you can add up to 10 more tags. In total, 11 hashtags are available for Stories. There is no need to hide your hashtags behind stickers or make them smaller. These tags will not appear in search.

Use hashtags correctly. Leave a few permanent tags (15–20%), change the rest to new ones.

Add hashtags as soon as you write your post. If you post them later, the post will still end up at the bottom of the search. Use post-relevant tags generated by Inflact. The #love tag in a post with ceilings looks silly. To make your post more visually appealing, you can hide hashtags. To do this, create several blank lines with a period. 

Three popular questions about hashtags

  1. How to get to the top of the search? 

You must have quality content: cool photo + cool text. Take the time of publication into account. Many people say that the time of publication has ceased to matter but consider the human factor. Most people open social networks in the morning hours between 7-8 a.m., and then 10 a.m – 1 p.m, and in the evening at 7-9 p.m. Also, add geotags and relevant tags.

  1. How not get into a shadowban?

Don't repeat the same tags in every post. Do not use prohibited tags (for example, #liketime and other tags that increase activity).

  1. What else do you need to consider when working with hashtags?

Don't expect tags to blow up your account. They are slower than paid ads. But they give a long-lasting effect. On a private profile, tags only work for your followers. You will not be able to get to the top. Use hashtags in the language your target audience speaks. If you have a bad photo and not interesting text, then tags will not save you. People are interested in beautiful visuals, appealing Stories, and a cool header. If you leave your comment with a hashtag with a blogger’s post, then your posts will be displayed on this tag. This will help you with promotion, only use tags when needed.


You should not use the most popular hashtags for Instagram promotion found in various lists. They do more harm than good. Select the desired labels manually. The narrower the request, the fewer likes, but the greater the chance to reach the target audience. Focus on tags with up to 100,000 posts. Change the hashtag pool constantly, look for new ones, and test. Only through constant analysis can you find those tags that help you gain reach and attract new subscribers.

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