5 Ways You Can Help Your Baby Walk Faster

5 Ways You Can Help Your Baby Walk Faster

Seeing their children reach important milestones is a treat that every parent wants to experience. Learning to walk for the first time is an example of those important milestones. Eventually, your kid will be walking around and start running. Of course, seeing them run around for the first time is exhilarating.

However, before they can run, they need to walk faster. Although it is not something that parents can rush, there are ways that you can encourage them with this important milestone.

Utilize Baby Walker

Before anything else, you must know that different walking devices can help your child walk. These devices or equipment help them in trying to stand alone and walk all by themselves. It helps them build up core muscles so they can walk all by themselves. Baby walkers can already be used by babies aged four to 16 months, who can also hold their heads steadily and reach the floor.

Furthermore, there are many types of baby walkers available. They vary in size, colors, and features. Some walkers come with built-in toys so that your toddler can play with them and not cry when you put them on a walker. A walker, in a way, helps promote the feeling of independence.

Independent Play

As mentioned, a child’s development is not something parents can force. It is something that they will need to face and explore. That is why letting them play independently will allow them to discover a sense of independence which will benefit them more than you think.

One way you can promote independence is when you let them play all by themselves. In fact, children are curious beings. There may be instances when they get curious about what you are doing in the kitchen. Instead of getting them out of the kitchen, you can instead provide them with kitchen step stools and let them experience cooking or at least let them “assist” you.

In this way, you promote their sense of independence and encourage them to stand on their own, especially if they still get scared. So, when purchasing a stool that’ll help your child, ensure that they are appropriate for their age and can secure them properly. Visit and see My Happy Helpers, and check out the different types of kitchen step stools that you should get for your kid.

Assisted Walking

Despite promoting independent play, you still need to provide assistance to your kids while they’re learning to walk. Kids will let you know if they will need help in standing or walking. Keep in your mind that this part still does not involve rushing them. So, when they need your help, you can assist them in standing and walking.

In assisted walking, you can practice standing slowly and steadily. Stand behind your child and pull them gently to a standing position. You can softly pull one arm forward, then the other, motivating a walking motion. Their feet will naturally follow as you pull their hands. You can continue doing this until your child stops. Additionally, babies will be able to walk easier and faster if they get to practice a lot.

Prepare The Area

One important thing that you should never forget before your baby starts to practice is to prepare the area where they will be exercising to walk. Since young children are prone to stumbling and falling, making the area as baby-proof as possible would be best.

You can clean the area from the clutter that could stumble on them. Also, make sure that no appliances or furniture are standing in their way. If you have furniture that you can not just move around, you can hide its hazardous corners and sides with table bumpers or corner protectors.

With electrical outlets, you can buy a cover that hides the outlet so that they can’t reach it out of curiosity. Also, don’t forget to keep the cords tidy or tucked away. Children might not see the cord and can trip when walking over it.

Add “Fun” To Walking

Another way you can motivate your baby to practice walking is to attract their attention. Buy them squeaky shoes where it squeaks every time they step on them. It can help them motivate themselves to walk around and have fun. You do not have to be so strict in what to give them and present them with other things like squeaky shoes or shoes where it lights up when stepping on them.

Another fun way to motivate them is to offer snacks whenever they walk. There is no one else that loves snacks more than the kids. They probably already have their favorite foods at that age, and you can use them to lure them into walking. You can stand a few steps away from them and let other people assist them with standing up.

Then, let them see the treat that you are holding. Show them that you will give them the treat when you walk toward them. After that., you wait and be surprised with what they can show you!           

Final Thoughts

Kids sometimes only need a little motivator to move forward. However, this is different from rushing them. Always observe your child and see what they can do so far. Always be there and motivate them!

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