The most prominent feature of peppermint is a pleasant fragrance that helps users feel refreshed and relaxed. Mint is also a good friend in fighting insomnia, and it’s also beneficial thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve pain. In addition, it is an effective decongestant and phlegm helping deal with congestion, coughs, and colds. Mint tea will improve the flow of bile, allowing the body to digest fat. Therefore, food can pass through the body at a faster rate, and indigestion is eliminated. Having a cup of peppermint tea surely make you feel better ever, especially in the hot summer.


With the outstanding features that are sweet, slightly bitter, cool, chrysanthemum is often used to treat heat disorders such as dizziness, headache, sore eyes, lacrimation, boils, and sores.  In addition, chrysanthemum is also very good for people suffering from insomnia, stressed spirit, hot temper, irritable, difficult to concentrate … For a long time, chrysanthemum is considered a herb with many good effects for human health compared to other herbs.

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Black tea

Black tea contains high levels of antioxidant compounds which are linked to low cholesterol levels.  Black tea has a slightly bitter taste and contains about 40mg of caffeine per cup (one cup is about 50-100ml). Scientists believe that fermentation, which turns green tea into black, can help produce healthy flavon.


Licorice has the effect of strengthening the body, reducing cholesterol, detoxifying, protecting the liver, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, and increasing the body’s resistance. The feature of licorice will vary depending on how to make it.


 Ginger tea is a popular, healthy drink. The biggest advantage of ginger tea is good for stomach health, overcoming problems related to poor digestion, flatulence and stomach disease, even colon cancer.  Ginger tea is very beneficial for health against the destruction effect of cells by free radicals, the culprit causing many incurable diseases including cancer, cardiovascular illness, …

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