A Quick Packing List For Your Next Long-Distance Hiking Trip

A Quick Packing List For Your Next Long-Distance Hiking Trip


Packing for a long-distance hiking trip can be confusing, especially when it's your first time. You could encounter a bear or get trapped in a sudden storm, so it is always best to come prepared for anything.

Although being prepared is important, having just the right amount of tools is what you want to aim for. Overpacking can be a big issue when planning hiking trips because sometimes you would think more is better when it comes to hiking trips, but its the opposite.

Remembering you have to carry everything you pack is super important and once you know that you need to be meticulous with what you bring, the process gets easier.

1. Clothing

When packing your clothing, keep in mind that this will take up the majority of your packing space. Keeping this part of your gear light for weekend hiking trips will be the easiest way to travel easy and care-free.

Some important clothing items to bring are:

  • (1) Rain jacket
  • (2) Dry trekking shirts
  • (4 pairs) Clean socks
  • (2) Base layers
  • (3 pairs) of underwear
  • (1) warm jacket
  • (1 pair) Hiking boots
  • (1 pair) normal shoes

Keeping a strict list of clothing to bring is a great way to save space in your hiking backpack. Your packing list details may vary, but making sure you have a dry set of clothing and a wet set of clothing will help you be prepared for hiking.

2. Tent

There are tons of tents out there that can do the job of keeping you dry and save from nature at night, but making sure your tent is hiking-trip friendly is a deal-breaker. This means being light and easy to fit in your bag, waterproof, and sturdy.

They sell tents that can cover all of those bases in many sizes, so it's up to you to pick between a single person tent or something larger. You can store your tent rolled up inside your bag to keep it from getting torn by sticks, and put the poles of the tent on the outside.

Keeping your tent in prime condition is important because this will be your home when on the trails. It has to withstand any weather that may come your way, including holding all of your wet gear if it rains.

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3. Tools

Bringing tools is very important when going long-distance hiking. Make sure you bring things like a flashlight, compass, and cooking gear with you. Bringing a small trowel is also a must for using the restroom to be mindful of wildlife.

If you are going on a weekend-long hiking trip or longer, it is necessary to bring a water source like a water reservoir for your bag, and water purification supplies.

There are so many different hiking kits for cookware, but finding the kind of tools that serve multiple purposes will save space. You should also get your hands on a quality tool to cut food, fabric, and rope with (like the best switchblade) to keep yourself safe for emergencies or setting up camp.

4. Sleeping Supplies

Making sure you have a good place to sleep is key to staying functional on a long hiking journey. This means light and comfy pad to lay on that will strap onto your bag and a sleeping bag that will keep you dry and safe during your adventures.

Have a Good Hiking Trip

Make sure to stay safe and have fun on your hiking trip! Study the area you plan on exploring and be sure to plot out your journey ahead of time and keep up on hiking etiquette.

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