5 Best Home Gym Equipment For Strength Training

5 Best Home Gym Equipment For Strength Training

Gym memberships cost hundreds of dollars per year. Add in a personal trainer, and that number climbs into the thousands. Not only is the cost burdensome, it often goes to waste.

Even with the best of intentions, time constraints during operating hours contribute to low utilization. Traditional trips to the gym have also been complicated by COVID-19.

Working out from home is a great solution. It's important to think about your fitness goals when deciding on the best home gym equipment to yield the desired results.

In this article, we'll focus on strength training. Here are our top 5 picks for your home gym if the muscle is what you have in mind.

1. Free Weights

Research shows that free weights offer superior results to weight machines; they help you get stronger, faster. Because they require the stabilization of yourself and the weights, they build core muscles more than a stationary piece of equipment.

For at-home workouts, they are more convenient and cost-effective too.

2. TRX Bands

Lightweight, mobile, and versatile, TRX bands are a must-have in your home gym. They offer a low risk of injury and high results through building core strength and gaining muscle.

There are hundreds of exercises and modifications, which helps keep you from getting bored or hitting a plateau.

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3. Medicine Ball

Although you may initially associate a medicine ball with balance and coordination, doing exercises while off-balance significantly develops deeper muscles.

The medicine ball is ideal for strengthening your lower limbs as well as abdominals. By incorporating a medicine ball into plyometrics, you develop explosiveness and power.

4. Pull-up Bar

This easy inclusion quite literally takes up no space, making it ideal for a home gym. Pullup options are easily modified for beginner through advanced training. You will strengthen back, arm, and shoulder muscles while improving grip strength.

5. Treadmill

While it's not a piece of strength training equipment, no home gym is complete without a treadmill.

Even if you skip cardio, a proper warm-up and cool-down is a vital component of your muscle-building routine. There are many folding options of treadmills, the best treadmill in India and making them space efficient for a home gym too.

A Few Other Considerations for Working Out at Home

Even though you're at home, don't forget about safety. Ensure there is ample space to comfortably move around and that equipment is on the proper surfaces to prevent skidding and movement. Mats also help protect the flooring below.

Your workout machine is not a closet. Don't clutter your home gym with household items. Having to clean up before a workout is demotivating and detracts from getting started.

If you're looking to further increase your gains, you may also want to consider incorporating a supplement into your program. Click here for some suggestions.

Purchasing the Best Home Gym Equipment Is an Investment in Your Health

Most of us are balancing busy schedules while trying to stay healthy during a pandemic. Assembling a home gym is the perfect solution to both challenges. Just be sure to consider your fitness goals first in order to select the best home gym equipment to meet your needs.

We hope you've found this article useful. Keep browsing our blog for more best-of lists like this!

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