The Best Home Protection Devices Available Today

The Best Home Protection Devices Available Today

Researching home security systems to find one that works best for both your security needs and budget can be daunting. With seemingly endless options in terms of devices, plans, and services, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, and delay your choice of investment. Thankfully, other people have done research on behalf of security system seekers and have shared their insights. Here are the best home protection devices available on the market today. 

  1. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro

One of the best first-time investments in terms of security can be a doorbell equipped with surveillance technology, like a video camera. Ring recently updated their wired doorbell camera by improving the security features and overall style of the device. It’s described as having “next-level” features including enhanced dual-band wifi, color night vision, and built-in Alexa Greetings that answer the door for you when you're busy.

  1. Ring’s Battery-operated Spotlight Camera

Alot of punch can be packed into a seemingly small and affordable camera. This battery-powered security camera has LED spotlights and a siren. It also comes with a free thirty-day trial of Ring Protect. A versatile camera that allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone on the property from your phone or tablet, it comes equipped with customizable motion sensors, and instant motion-activated alerts.

  1. Ring’s Alarm Security Kit

Ring’s basic 5-piece Alarm Security Kit is considered to be an ideal starter security kit for condominiums, apartments, and homes of up to one-thousand square feet. It includes the fourth generation of Echo Dot, Amazon’s most popular smart speaker, which is voice-controlled with Alexa. The Alarm can be paired with Alexa, providing extra protections including the ability to detect breaking glass. While there are expanded options when it comes to Ring’s Alarm Security, if you’re just starting out with a home security system and don't want to be overwhelmed, this kit is a great starting investment. 

  1. Ring’s Solar Floodlight

Ring’s solar-powered floodlight shines up to 1200 lumens of white light on driveways, backyards and large areas when motion is detected. It can be connected to the Ring Bridge or Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), or Echo (4th Gen) to enable customizable smart controls in the Ring App and sync with other Ring Smart Lights and select Ring doorbells, cameras and Alexa-enabled devices. This is a great investment if you want to match a quality floodlight with innovative security technology. 

  1. Ring’s Floodlight Camera Wired with Echo Show 5

This bundle includes Floodlight Cam Wired Plus and Echo Show 5 (Charcoal). IT’s great for securing large outdoor areas with Ring’s most advanced outdoor camera. With use of the Echo Show 5, you can view your compatible Ring camera using the 5.5" display by saying, "Alexa, show me my camera.”

While these are only five in a sea of products ranging from affordable to expensive and simple to complex, they are nonetheless the best investments that you can make as someone starting out on the journey of installing home protection devices. 

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