Hoopnotica Reviews: Way To Your Fitness Body

Hoopnotica Reviews: Way To Your Fitness Body

About Hoopnotica

Founded in 2006, Hoopnotica is one of the industry leader in quality hoopdance fitness instruction and equipment. Based in Venice Beach, CA, they are a brand that sprouted out of passion and love for everything hoop related and wanted to share the happiness they felt when hooping with the rest of the world. Their patented Travel Hoop product was designed for you to take it with you wherever you want to go — to the gym, to the park, in your backyard, in your living room or even when you travel! Similarly, our DVDs were created to help you elevate your hoop game to the next level no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced hooper. They’ve got something for everyone.

Hoopnotica provides acclaimed Instructional DVD’s, professional adult fitness hoops, music, apparel, accessories, classes, teacher training, performance at high quality level.

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Shop Travel Hoops
The Hoopnotica Travel Hoop Combo kit makes it easy to enjoy a fun, low-impact workout in the comfort of your own home. The Travel Hoop collapses into six segments that can be easily stored and transported.

Fitness DVDs
Hoopnotica Hoop Fitness DVDs provide a low-impact, fat-blasting cardio experience that will leave you feeling strong, inspired, and incredibly sexy. Side effects include: laughing like a kid, smiling until your cheeks hurt & sweating like you’re at the gym.

Customer reviews

Published by 910887342@deleted

I purchased the Hoopnotica – Hoopdance Basics Beginner Level 1 DVD. I am the first person to get an exercise video, use it once or twice, and never look at it again. I’ve only had this video for a couple of days but have already used it 4 times. The setup is great. It starts off with a quick and simple warm up then it shows you how to do certain basic hoop techniques. It even tells you how to correct anything that you may be doing wrong with a troubleshooting section immediately following each lesson. It makes me want to keep doing it until I get it right. I’m very happy that I purchased this and recommend it to anyone wanting to try something different and fun.

Published by colnagogirl

This video offers really helpful instruction on basic hooping skills. There are helpful hints for correcting common mistakes which really helped me a lot. The workout portion of the video is loosely structured to allow creative flexibility for beginning hoopers. The suggestions really get your heart pumping for a great all over body workout. Hoopnotica is awesome!

Published by originalfrankie11

Excellent DVD. I bought the other levels as soon as I tried the first!!
This is an excellent DVD. Very easy to follow. They teach you immediately how to use proper technique so you look great almost instantly!

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