How AIRA Is Helping Businesses In Covid-19 Pandemic

How AIRA Is Helping Businesses In Covid-19 Pandemic

The 2019 Covid-19 Pandemic made us all believe, at least early on, that we will be back behind our desks at our workplaces in a jiffy! It became clear very soon that for millions of us, this will not be the case. As workplaces became potential breeding grounds for new infections and vaccine development hit many roadblocks, it was evident that life could not restart quickly; we had to fully transfer our lives online, now more than ever.

Businesses in COVID-19

By pushing all our regular meetings/conferencing online, we were faced with several problems:
1. Keeping our meetings organized and adequately timed;
2. Ensuring that we keep records of our meetings.

If you have ever had to keep minutes of meetings, you know what we are talking about. In a regular meeting environment, with live, in-person discussions, keeping track of who says what may be quite a daunting and challenging task.

With in-person meetings, you cannot replay what someone said, and it is rude just to jump in, interrupt, and ask people to repeat their words just because you were not fast enough to catch them.

The good thing about going entirely online was that we could record our meetings (with consent, of course!), and we could always replay them.

Even this came with some obvious problems. We are sure that even online meetings can go for more than an hour; some conferences can go for an entire day, even several days! This is what got our creative juices flowing and made us think about solving some apparent problems:
1. How do we ensure that we have high-quality meeting minutes of our online meetings/conferences?
2. How do we filter through possible hours of conversations, summarize what was discussed in our meetings, and save time?
3. How do we disseminate that information quickly without sending out emails manually to every participant?

Let’s talk about AIRA, the AI Meeting Assistant!

As we said, Aira came to be an instrumental piece of AI that helped a lot during the Covid- 19 pandemic. Aira is a neat new tool to deal with your online meetings efficiently and quickly. Here are just a few ways Aira is helping businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Synchronized with your calendar of meetings
Aira can keep track of your meetings if you allow it. We noticed this with other meeting assistants that are not as developed – they simply did not bother to include this. In 2021 this simple solution makes Aira the AI Meeting Assistant stand out and shows that a lot of effort and time was put into creating this piece of intelligent software. The synchronization with the calendar option is what truly separates Aira from the crowd.

We also need to point out that most AI Meeting Assistants do not fully integrate with some popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Hangouts, etc. You can integrate Aira to these, and we are working on making it available for even more platforms.

2. Aira is a top-notch voice recorder
The absolutely worst thing about new AI meeting assistants that can record your meetings is that they are not often reliable. And when we say this, we mean it! Imagine recording a really important online meeting; the picture is excellent but not the voice. This happens often, and for whatever reason, the development of voice recording options is not on the priority lists of many companies.

This is what inspired us to tackle the issue of voice recording and make it one of the primary features of Aira. During the Covid-19 pandemic, having recorded meetings is crucial, whether you’re organizing parliamentary meetings or your kid’s awkward school recital - excellent sound and video are more critical now than ever in human history.

3. Aira is a transcriber and a minute taker!
During the “normal” times, as we popularly call our pre-Covid-19 life, many businesses did not even have to blink twice and worry about having their meetings transcribed and minutes efficiently taken.
Usually, professional transcribers and minute takers are there on the spot for very important meetings. People with background knowledge are paid to realistically cover what was said but cut through the fluff. Nobody has time to go through pages and pages of reports; minute taking is an art!
Hundreds of thousands of interns worldwide are generally expected to deliver transcribing and minute-taking services; however, many businesses cannot afford interns during the pandemic, creating bad headaches.
Aira’s AI-driven approach solves this issue in many ways. Online meetings can now be analyzed by a sophisticated piece of software. Aira can translate every meeting no matter how long. And if you do not like reading long transcriptions, count on Aira to compile meeting minutes, highlight keywords, go through action lists, and more to come!

4. Aira will deal with sending out the meeting

As we said, interns are indeed a blessing; however, Aira is a reliable option for your online meetings in these trying times. Businesses usually count on their hardworking interns to ensure that meeting attendees get the meeting minutes; however, this is less of a case these days.
While crafting Aira, we thought even of these small details. Think about it: if you had an entire online symposium, the last thing you want to do is have to email your meeting minutes to 200+ attendees. Aira cleverly solves that as well.

Final Verdict
Developers of AI meeting assistants did not correctly analyze the gaps in the online conferencing software industry. We feel like this caused a lot of frustrations for millions of businesses worldwide. Many AI Meeting Assistants ended up being pretty much useless because they lacked real sophisticated solutions that make all the difference.
When crafting Aira, we had full awareness that millions of businesses simply do not have the luxury to stop operating and wait this out. We understand that you need to maintain your contact with stakeholders daily. We hope our solution helps you on your road to success.

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