How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries In The Era Of Coronavirus

How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries In The Era Of Coronavirus


The recruiting site, Hired, provides a look at tech wages each year based on the data it claims gleans from hundreds of thousands of requests for interviews and work offers. The Hired salary report 2020  states that software developers, project managers, DevOps engineers, designers, and data scientists saw an increase in the salaries across the globe.

Project managers continue to command higher wages in terms of particular engineering positions than software, data science, and construction engineers. In the U.S., wages for data science recovered after last year's dip; in the United Kingdom, they remained relatively stable, although wages for product management continued steeply to climb.

2020 Is The Bomb Time For Tech Experts In Terms Of Salaries

Hired surveyed 2300 tech professionals in the U.S., Canada, France and the UK to forecast developments in 2020. The mixed results only demonstrate how uncertain things are at the moment. More than half of the respondents suggested that they plan to obtain a rise of as much as 20 percent in the next six months, while 42 percent expressed fear that there might be a timetable for layoffs.

To have a clear understanding how remote work is changing tech salaries in the era of COVID-19 pandemic, have a look at the salary scale of diverse etch experts.

Data Scientists

More and more businesses are relying on data science to draw lessons for streamlining their operations, improving revenue, and keeping ahead of the competition. Data scientists are currently in high demand, and will remain in high demand after the pandemic. These professionals can make their services with a collection of technological skills from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else where they have a powerful computer and a strong internet connection.

Data analysts receive high wages. For a data scientist, the annual salary is more than $108,971. Data scientists at the entry level typically earn over $95,000 while more seasoned professionals may earn as much as $185,500 a year.

Web Developers

Web developers are creating websites like the one you are reading on in this post. The need for these specialists will continue to rise with thousands of websites entering the Internet every day, even after COVID-19. Those experts, including software engineers, possess expertise that can be applied remotely. The pay depends on experience, with average senior web developers receiving more than $90,000.

Mobile App Developer

Whether it's for iOS or Android, somebody has to design and create millions of applications on their smartphones that people use. Developers of mobile apps can also operate remotely, and with society's reliance on mobile apps rising by the day, demand for them is unlikely to decrease anytime soon. iOS developers should expect to earn more than $113,000 a year, with some positions providing up to $171,500. On the other hand, Android developers can expect to earn more than $111,000 but more professional developers will earn up to $162,000 a year. Wages also depend on the location and the organization. Application developers in San Francisco, for example, typically receive more than $130,000 a year. The same developer will make a living in Atlanta as per the national average.

Software Engineers

Software engineers, from entertainment apps to productivity applications, are the experts behind the apps and services that the planet runs on. These practitioners provide services that can be provided entirely online, so there's a strong opportunity for remote jobs. Tech engineers are earning very high wages. Many software engineering jobs offer pay ranging from $79,000 to $115,000 a year. The average national salary for software engineers is nearly $98,500 annually.

UX/UI Designers

Another career choice is product design with excellent remote opportunities. In the tech world, when it comes to product design, we often speak about two roles. A UX designer is specialized in User Experience (UX), making sure the interface is as simple and intuitive as possible to use. On the other hand, a UI Designer (UI) focuses on the overall look of the product, making aesthetic decisions such as the text font or where to position the buttons on a UX / UI website that earns high salaries. The average salary is about $90,000 a year for a UX / UI designer.

Summing It Up

How versatile tech workers actually are with where they live and what they get paid is very much based on their job security or how they view it. Perhaps there is little consensus on this front, too, in a sign of the times, that shows the survey by Hired.

Publishing metrics on how to measure national wages can help to ease job seekers — and job holders — in turbulent times. Tech headquarters are closing, work from home is the new standard, the use of Amazon and Netflix is soaring, well-known tech unicorns such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb lay thousands off. Meanwhile, in return for the right to operate remotely, Facebook is looking to move wages up or down depending on cost of living. It's uncertain if things will be going back to the old standard.

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