How Technology Helps Students In Their Learning?

How Technology Helps Students In Their Learning?

Technology helps the student a lot to learn new things. By using the technology students can access the information anytime, anywhere when they need it. The learning process accelerates and is also fun. It is easy for the students to discover new things and research on the internet about any topic to get deep information about it. As in this pandemic of COVID-19, the technology helps a lot to attach the students with their studies. Otherwise, it is not possible.

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In this modern age, administrators and leaders must know their staff, that is how much they understand the online space. Make a fully trained staff. Give some time to them, to think and plan how they will teach the students online. Then give them a time trial and have a strict eye on them, that is how they are handling the students and managing the time. Due to too much screen timing, students' eyesight is affected a lot. Their physical activities are reduced and mental health is disturbed.

Technology helps the students in several ways like you can learn things from your favorite teachers abroad online. You are not restricted to take the class on time. It is all up to you whenever you are free, fresh you can take the class. But many of the students didn't learn anything, because they are accustomed to learning in a strict environment. They need the special attention of a teacher. Although with the advantages there is also a bad side of technology in education.

Ways in which technology helps the students:

Increased in communication and collaboration:

Teacher students' communication is strong in the online class. Because many students hesitate to ask questions from the teacher in front of the Class. So online it will not happen. Students can communicate with teachers and with their fellows. In this online environment, students collaborate to do the task. For that purpose, they will share their thoughts, ideas and support each other. one-on-one interaction with the teachers is also [possible. After class students can discuss the topic, do their homework, and upload it on the link provided by the teachers with the help of their laptops and mobile.

Increased in Learning Opportunities:

Due to technology, students have access to their educational resources all the time. Whenever they are fresh and free they can access the material by using a laptop and mobile. The internet is the main thing in this process. Without an internet connection, online learning is impossible. Teachers make the lessons according to the interest of the students and then give some topic to the students to think and research about. After the evaluation of the students, the teacher will be able to see the struggle of students and how much they do.

Curiosity production by Content:

Teachers should make creative content for the students, that will produce a spark in students' minds, producing the curiosity in them to learn what that thing is? Most important subjects Maths aThe most conceptual subjects are understandable only If this mode of e-learning will be followed. Use the videos, and images to strengthen the students' concepts.

Efficiency and the productivity of the teacher are improved:

Teachers must use the new technology to teach the students and increase the students' level of interest in the subject. The personalization and the instruction method of the teachers are also enhanced by the use of technology. It is also cost-effective. Schools are not bound to pay for the materials that are used by teachers during teaching. And also the bills of other facilities like rent of school buildings, electricity bills and many more.

Using Technology become a leader in enriching classrooms:

Many of the tools are not used by the students yet, even if they don't know about it. After the online learning, they will start to explore new platforms for learning. By the use of technology, they learn the use of tools that will be very helpful in their professional life.


Technology makes a student creative, study effectively, it provides an opportunity for the student to learn whatever they want. It is all up to students in what way they are using the technology positively or negatively. In the learning process, it helps a lot, students can search on any topic and discuss with the fellows who are already working on that thing. Also learn the others' experiences and get lessons from them.

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