How To Care For Raw Hair Extensions Hassle-Free

How To Care For Raw Hair Extensions Hassle-Free

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If you love, love, love hair extensions, you’ll also have love, love, love going through these steps of caring for, and maintaining them. Don’t worry. It’s totally DIY-stamped and is super easy. With tips from Kenny’s Luxury Hair Extensions, check out how you can preserve your hair extensions the proper way. 

1. Don’t Just Brush Away 

Unlike your natural locks, hair extensions, though they have the same structural composition, are actually much more fragile. And we’re talking about how they’re threaded-in very carefully at their “roots”. 

That said, if you’re thinking of giving them a bit of a comb whilst they’re attached to your actual hair, do NOT brush them from the root to the tip. Skip on the first part of that statement. No root brushing! Otherwise, you’ll risk accidentally loosening those intertwinings and unravelling the entire thing. 

Instead, finger-comb them right about 4 inches from your scalp. Before doing so, make sure that you use your other hand to hold the hair extension roots down so they won’t be pulled up during the combing process, and end up a mess. So, once you have said roots pressed in place, finger-comb sections meticulously.

2. Not Your Ordinary Shower

When you shampoo your hair and hair extensions, you’re going to have to ascertain that you give it the time of day. Slow and steady is the name of this game, as lathering here needs to be done cautiously. 

Instead of lathering in random directions and intensities like there’s no tomorrow, run your fingers only from the midsection to the tip. Try not to tangle the strands as much as you can and don’t massage from the roots.

This is going to prove quite difficult but you’ll handle it no-fuss after some practice. It takes getting used to.

If you feel as though sebum is thick around your scalp, lift portions of your hair to let the shower water spray through and wash said oil layers away. We can’t say this enough but remember, no root-working!

Afterwards, apply conditioner on the tips. And yes, never on the roots, too.

3. Drying To The Bone

Now, here’s something tricky. Heat-emitting gadgets shouldn’t ever go near your extensions. The heat will cause them to become brittle and will ruin their lustre. The irony is that though the extensions’ tips can hang dry on their own, their roots have to be bone-dry to keep them bonded. 

Therefore, what you can do is to turn the nozzle of your hairdryer to its cool/fan setting. It might be a bit tough to really get the water out from the scalp because damp hair dries from the tip inward. Still, be patient. Keep that cool air blowing. 

4. Before Hitting Those Zs 

This isn’t a favourite of many, yet it has proven to be a lifesaver. Rather, a hair extension-saver. It’s called “plaiting”. Also referred to by it’s more commonly used name, “braiding”, this will help tame flyaways that may occur when you lay your head on your pillow overnight. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated braid. Simply section three parts of your hair and hair extensions, and overlap them to form an effortless plait. Tie it with a cotton-wrapped band (not too tight). 

The upside is that you’ll instantly have loose, beachy waves come morning! “Woke up like this?” Definitely.

On the flip side, if you want straight locks the next day, then you’ll have to make sure that you won’t sleep in a topsy-turvy manner the night before. If you’re game with that, then good. Sleep on one side of your bed. Then, place your hair neatly and horizontally opposite from where you’re facing.

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