How To Create Multiple Facebook Account

How To Create Multiple Facebook Account

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Your relationship with your friend is not the same as the relationship you have with your coworkers and colleagues. That is why having just one online profile can be limiting. You need to relate with different people according to how close you are to them. 

Entrepreneurs and marketers are the ones who are mostly affected by this single profile thing. As their social network grows, they naturally want to have more than one profile. Based on those who are conversant with such fields, some of the best ways to grow a brand is through organic shares, likes, tweets, and reposts. All of which you can achieve better with multiple profiles. 

But since multiple accounts will require different emails and phone numbers for verification, doing this had not been as easy as many anticipate. 

In this article, you will learn why Facebook restricts its users from having multiple individual accounts, as well as how one can bypass these constraints, helping you boost your online identity to enable you strengthen your seeding capacity. You will equally understand how digital fingerprints can reveal multiple accounts users on Facebook, as well as how you can get around these measures with existing software tools.

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Why does Facebook disallow more than one account?

Although Facebook has grown to be the most popular social network platform, it started out as a community relationship tool focused at users and students, verifying their identities with the help of their school emails. So while those days are definitely forgotten, Facebook has remained a platform for socializing. As such, along with other regulations, Facebook has remained resolute in allowing one user with one account. 

According to the ideal Facebook standards, it is forbidden to have more than one personal profile. If any of your profiles is reported for any suspicious activities, you are going to be shut out of that profile by Facebook, while requesting an ID before you may be allowed to access that profile again. If it is discovered to be fake, the Facebook admins might decide to shut down that profile for good. 

Using more than one Facebook account to seed content

Implementing more than one personal profile and getting a handsome followership and trust offers boundless opportunities when it comes to marketing as well as seeding of organic content. You can pass across different messages from various perspectives, discuss with your audience in an open manner, and get your brand advertised indirectly. 

Foreign governments seem to have used a similar technique in deflecting public attention from sensitive issues, like what was revealed by the US and UK regarding the alleged Russian involvement in the American election. Due to these developments, Facebook has enhanced their coordination of user activity just to ensure nobody is using the platform as a medium for achieving their selfish political gains. 

How you can create more than one Facebook account

You cannot use a Facebook account without having to verify it through an email and phone number. As someone who is focused on opening several accounts, getting this done through the usual verification procedures will be a daunting task. 

Therefore, you can do this by either buying accounts that have been created by a bulk register or you can choose to do the registration all by yourself. 

Going forward, before you choose the former option, ensure the accounts have been registered with different phone numbers and emails. Also, there should be a correspondence between the account’s IP location and the region reflected on the profile. The moments all the technicalities are handled, you just need to make sure the various profiles have pictures and friends, just as any other real account would. 

You could also make the profiles look more real by outsourcing the registration to a third party. However, that is not to say that some of these accounts cannot be shut down. Shutting them down is a real possibility you should be prepared to handle since you are logging in from a single IP address. Furthermore, it is important you confirm the authenticity of all the accounts you are paying for so you do not buy any profile that has been hacked. 

Going with the option of creating the accounts on your own is also possible. You will, however, need to follow the steps below;

  • Verify email addresses

  • Verify any phone numbers that are linked to the account

  • Set profile names as well as basic information

  • Upload pictures.

There are services that can help you with the phone verification parts, you can work with any of those. 

How to alter fingerprint

Within and after you register these accounts, Facebook can still spot multiple accounts with the help of digital fingerprints. Digital fingerprints are registered whenever you are online, with the possibility of exposing the identity of your browser. They normally get this information with the help of these parameters;

  • JavaScript information

  • IP address

  • HTML5 Canvas

  • Java Applet

  • Geo-location API

  • Content filters

  • WebGL support

  • Silverlight plug-in

  • Cross origin logins on social media platforms

  • CSS media queries

Thankfully, there are several software tools that are used to protect your online identity by shielding Facebook from getting these attributes from your end, and thereby frustrating their digital fingerprinting efforts. It should be brought to your notice that you cannot get away with using multiple accounts on Facebook by merely using VPN. It will not be sufficient enough to give you the protection you desire. Better go for the software tools that have been developed for the sole purpose of defeating this digital fingerprinting thing.

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