How To Invite People To Follow You On Instagram

How To Invite People To Follow You On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most used social media apps and the number of followers is still increasing day by day. It is the most favorite app among the youngsters who not only get good information through it but it also keeps them up-to-date.

Many users use Instagram to earn money through this app. Online businesses have gained importance during this year and people have earned a good living through online businesses. To earn money through Instagram you will need a good number of followers on your page. To have a good amount of followers on Instagram you need to invite your family and friends to follow you on Instagram. There are a number of ways that will help you in inviting people to your Instagram. Let's have a look at a few of these tricks that can be useful in increasing the number of followers on Instagram.

1: Inviting your friends on Facebook to follow you on Instagram

If you are doing any business on Instagram then, first of all, you should connect your Facebook to your Instagram account. If you share your posts on Facebook through Instagram than you are already connected to Facebook. In order to link your Instagram account with your Facebook, you need to follow the following tips,

i. First of all open your Instagram account and then go to your profile page.

ii. In the second step look for the gear icon in your profile. The gear icon is on the upper right corner of your Instagram profile. Tap on the icon and open the settings.

iii. In the third step Scroll down and you will see an option for Linked accounts. Tap on Linked Account.

iv. In the next step tap on Facebook. This will link your Facebook account to your Instagram.

In this way, you will connect your Instagram account to your Facebook. After this invite your Facebook friends to join your Instagram. You need to follow the following step to invite your Facebook friends to join Instagram.

  • First of all open your Instagram app and your Instagram profile.
  • In the second step tap on the gear icon that is present on the upper right corner of your profile to open the settings on your Instagram.
  • Thirdly you have to tap on the invite button and click on the option of Facebook Friends.
  • Choose and select the Facebook friends that you want to invite to your Instagram account. Tap on the invite button and in this way all your Facebook friends will get an invitation to your Instagram account.

This is the easiest way of inviting your friends to your Instagram or business account. The people can easily view your profile and help you in increasing your business through Instagram. You can connect several social networks that you can easily connect to your Instagram account. Click any name and you can connect that social app with your Instagram account.

2: Inviting your friends on Twitter to follow you on Instagram

It is difficult to invite followers without inviting friends from other social media apps. You can also invite your friends on Twitter to follow you on Instagram. There are a few basic steps that you need to follow in order to invite your friends from Twitter to your Instagram account.

i. Open your Instagram profile.

ii. Go to settings on the right side of your profile.

iii. Click on the invite button and tap on Twitter friends.

iv. Lastly select your friends from Twitter and send them an invitation to join your Instagram profile.

In a nutshell, it has been found that followers prefer to follow only those Instagram that already have many followers on Instagram. Therefore, you need to have as many followers as your competitors to stand out among the pool of professionals who are running their businesses on Instagram.

3: Inviting friends by Sharing your Instagram photos Across your Other Social Networks

If you want to invite people to your Instagram then share your business photos across all the social apps that you use which includes Facebook, Twitter, and many more. This will make it a lot easier for your friends as well as other users to find your posts and eventually become your follower on Instagram. If you connect a number of social networks to your account then you can promote your profile in many people.

4: Inviting people to your Instagram by making your Instagram Account Public

If you want to grow your business through Instagram than make sure your Instagram account is public. If you want to check if your account is public then you can check it easily just go to your settings and tap on privacy and change your setting from private to public account.

Making your Instagram account public will allow other Instagram users to follow you on Instagram and view your posts without any authorization. You can change your privacy settings anytime when you want. You just have to click on the ON button and change the authorization privacy. Most of the people just don’t want to share their photos on Instagram.

Therefore, they make it private for others. If your account is public you can post in your stories to ask people to follow your Instagram account. You can invite them through your stories on your Instagram page and in this way, a lot of people on Instagram can visit your profile and also follow you on Instagram. Make sure you add good as well as attractive content in your profile that attracts the people towards your profile. Make creative stories to invite people on Instagram.

4: Using Discoverable Hashtags to invite people to your Instagram

If you want to invite followers to your Instagram account then hashtags can play a vital role in increasing the number of your followers on Instagram.

Always use good as well as creative hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are a way of getting more users on Instagram who are searching for something special on Instagram. Use Discoverable as well as popular hashtags on your posts to get more followers.

A big mistake that people make on Instagram is that people don’t use relevant hashtags with their pictures and when people visit their profile they feel highly disappointed. This is not a good idea in order to gain more followers on Instagram. In this way instead of gaining a good amount of followers, you will lose followers on Instagram.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to add relevant hashtags with your pictures. It will save people as well as your time. For example, if you post any picture regarding a food item then use the most popular hashtags relating to that food item only don't drag other food items with that too.

5: Feature experience of your satisfied customers and ask them to invite their relatives to follow your Instagram account too

It is a fact that your good customers are your brand advocates who speak more about your brand than any other thing, especially in online businesses.

Always take pictures of your customers and let others know how happy and satisfied your customers are with your brand. Customer’s feedback is another good way that attracts people to follow your Instagram account.

Ask your satisfied customers to share their shopping experience with their relatives and invite them to follow your Instagram account. In this way, they will help you in inviting people to your Instagram account and in turn, increase the number of followers on your Instagram account.

 Therefore always provide the best products to your customers and try to satisfy them with the original products that you have shown in the picture and gain customer's trust as well as their support on your Instagram account.

Instagram has more than 150 million users and therefore people can no longer ignore Instagram for online business in order to engage your customers. If you look closely at the topmost brands on Instagram you will notice one thing and that is the businesses on Instagram are all E-commerce businesses. It is one of the perfect platforms for any E-commerce business.

Inviting a number of people on Instagram is one of the toughest things ever as you have to spend a good amount of time in all this process but, once you are done with it you will notice a huge change in your business performance. If you are a social person and have a good amount of followers then you can invite your friends and family from other social media apps too.

Always remember that you will have to be very patient and consistent in order to grow your followers on Instagram. Posting quality as well as informative photos you can easily and quickly get a good amount of followers on Instagram.

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