How To Keep Active During A Coronavirus Lockdown

How To Keep Active During A Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus (covid-19) lockdown makes it hard to get the exercise people need, especially those that are used to going to the gym. It may seem like it is hard, or impossible, to stay healthy during these unsure times. The fact of the matter is, though, there are many ways to maintain, or even gain, healthy routines. Remember, if you are sick or obese check in with your doctor before making any serious changes to your routines.

Short breaks

Taking short breaks throughout the day to do something active will help you stay healthy. Get up from the couch or chair and move around. Walk around the house, do the dishes, vacuum, fold laundry, etc. Do anything that involves movement and gets your heart rate up. Blood circulation prevents health issues from happening and helps if medical issues already exist. It also prevents your muscles and tendons from locking up.

Stand Up

If you are working from home, or just chilling and enjoying the days off, be sure to get up every 20 to 30 minutes. It is bad to be sedentary, or to become that way, simply because you are on lockdown. Being active is something that the human body is designed for. Make it routine to stand up and stretch out.


If possible, do some isometric exercises while you are sitting. Isometrics means to tense up your muscles and hold for a few minutes then relax. Repeat different muscles throughout the day. This can easily be done no matter what you are doing. Sitting in a chair, lying in bed, relaxing in the bathtub or hot tub, it doesn’t matter. This type of basic exercise can help by keeping you loosened up, training your muscles to be active, and even helps in loosing weight due to boosting the amount of energy used.

Online Resources

Online exercise classes, or yoga, are easy to search for and find. Many are free. Be sure to match the level of the workout with your current health. You do not want to over do it, but you do want to get some exercise. It will help to keep your body loose, healthy, and prevent excessive weight gain. Physical exercise will also help your mental health.

If you have medical coverage, you can use online portal for visits and medication refills. This prevents the need of going out into the public. During a covid-19 lockdown this simple preventative step can make a huge impact. If you do not have any coverage, check out the List of Health Funds and get the insurance that you need.


When you are sitting around, or lying down, find a way to relax. Make yourself calm and at peace. Meditation, deep breathing, whatever it is that gets you to a high state of relaxation. Reading a good book can help. Soaking in a hot bathtub with the lights off, using lit candles to be able to see. Turn off the electronics and put your phone on silent. The less distractions that you have the more relaxed you can get.

Healthy Eating and Drinking

This is something that is often overlooked, especially when you are asked to stay home. Stay hydrated. This is probably the most important thing to remember to do. Water is needed for your body to survive and flourish. Soda and coffee do not count. Make sure to drink water. Eat healthy food to give you the correct amount of nutrients. Fresh food is best but can be hard to get without going out to a local store. If possibly find a place close to you, where you can order online.


Keeping active during the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown is not very complicated. You just need to get up and do it. Self-motivation is all in your mind. If that is not feasible then have a family member get you moving. You can always have a friend or coworker boost your will to stay healthy as well. Phones, online chats, or even yelling back and forth over a fence. Whatever you need to get motivated do it. Stay active. Stay healthy.

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