3 Things You Need To Know About How To Put On A Face Mask

3 Things You Need To Know About How To Put On A Face Mask

Do you often venture out into the world and wonder if you're wearing your mask for coronavirus properly?

Lots of people seem to be doing their own thing with face masks, so it can be hard to know when to use a face mask and how to wear one properly. However, coronavirus masks are required in a lot of public areas right now, so you need to know how to wear one.

If you want to know the best way to wear a face mask to be comfortable while also preventing the spread of coronavirus, you may have some questions!

Here are three things you should know about how to put on a face mask.

1. Put Your Face Mask on Correctly

Before you touch your mask, wash your hands. This will keep bacteria away from your mask and prevent you from getting sick.

If you have a surgical mask, make sure you know which side should be facing outward. It's often the colored side, but check the instructions or the mask itself.

Pick your mask up by the ear loops and secure it tightly around your ears. If your mask has ties instead of ear loops, tie the upper pair around the back of your head and the lower pair around the nape of your neck.

2. Wear a Mask Properly

Wearing a face mask properly is paramount to preventing the spread of coronavirus. If your mask isn't worn properly, it's not doing its job of keeping your droplets to yourself.

A properly worn face mask covers your mouth, nose, and chin. Your mask may have a metal wire running along the top that can be pinched over the bridge of your nose for a more thorough and comfortable fit. Tuck the bottom of your mask underneath your chin to keep it in place.

Part of wearing a mask properly is choosing a mask that fits you. If there's a lot of space between your cheeks and your mask or your mask keeps falling down, you may need a smaller mask.

3. Wear the Correct Kind of Face Mask

There are a variety of face masks and coverings available, but not all masks are created equal! If you want to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you need a mask that will retain the droplets you create. Bandanas and masks with a valve can't always do this, so it's best to opt for a surgical mask or a cloth face covering that consists of two layers.

The right face mask will be waterproof, breathable, and worn properly!

How to Put on a Face Mask to Prevent Spread

Now that you know how to put on a face mask properly, it's time to make sure you do so and educate others on how they can wear a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We have to work together to slow the spread, and it's possible when we make a few simple adjustments to how we wear our face masks!

Be sure to check back regularly for more health and lifestyle tips!

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