How to know when to invest in a stock

Stocks do generate on average around 8% annual returns. Investing in stocks is the most profitable long-term investment. Not everyone knows that. Most people save up large amounts of money and put it on their bank account. With the current low-interest rates there is no point putting large reserves on the bank account if you do not need the money for the upcoming 5 to 10 years. Everyone should take long term care of themselves and be invested in the stock market. For example, an easy option could be to every month put a (small) amount of money in stocks. Yield on yield this will bring you very large sums of money compared to the amount invested.

Where to start?

You need to askyourself what your risk profile is. Are you looking for offensive investmentsor more defensive or neutral? An offensive investor does understand that hisportfolio might swing heavily while invested in stocks that do have highvolatility. A more neutral or defensive investor focuses mainly on investing incompanies that are relatively safe and stable and will be around for many moreyears. He does not like high P&L swings in his portfolio.
Defensive investors do often also like companies that pay stable or increasingdividends. This gives the investor income. Especially people who invest fortheir retirement will like dividend investing a lot.

Spread your money

As an investor, you need to spread your money over preferably at least 10-15 stocks. You sometimes might think you really are sure about the fact that a stock is undervalued. But you might be wrong. As an investor, you make a lot of decisions where you think you have an edge. But on an individual case, it might turn out you were completely wrong. You do not want to lose a large part of your personal portfolio because you were wrong or unlucky.

Service forinvestors

Hubens Capital provides an interesting service for investors that want to invest in stocks and options for their personal portfolio. Hubens Capital provides you with a biweekly newsletter. Sven Hubens, the owner of Hubens Capital, is an expert in investing. He has been trading stocks and options for one of the best market-makers in the world for over 8 years. Sven puts a lot of effort into finding the best opportunities available for you to invest in. He looks at interesting dividend plays but also focuses a lot on small-cap undervalued stocks. Small-cap stocks often are illiquid and might be mispriced due to tax-selling, a large player stepping out, illiquidity, overreaction to news or earnings, etc. Sven has found many valuable opportunities in this space. The newsletter covers these opportunities and mentions target levels and allocation recommendations. Moreover, when interesting news comes out or events happen that are related to the newsletter stocks, subscribers do get email updates and do not need to find out what happened themselves. There is also a focus on interesting options strategies that help to enhance the portfolio performance.


The newsletter has built three different portfolios that are continuously monitored. There is a portfolio for offensive investors, one for defensive/neutral investors and one focused on dividend income investors.

Check it out

Have a look at ourwebsite and sign up for a free trial. Via you can even get a 25% lifelong discount. Youcan cancel at any moment in time. There is just no downside for you to check itout and see if the service suits your needs!

Hubens Capital

Hubens Capital wasfound in January 2019. Next to the newsletter service, Hubens Capital advisesmainly young professionals on achieving their long-term financial goals.Currently Hubens Capital also does get hired to teach trader trainees to becometrades for market-making companies.


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